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  1. Hi, cheers again for the response I have printed the list off of specialists, my morphea appears to be progressive it going down my arm slightly and the dermatologist is debating if I should have a biopsy under my eye as a patch of skin has gone funny there. I have just been diagnosed with psoriasis on my scalp so could be either or? Is there a connection between morphea and psoriasis? lol
  2. Hi, thank you for the replies and the links, Still in two minds as worried about how my skin will heal etc. Has anyone ever had a very severe reaction? And does anyone know any specialists in the UK as I have seen dozens of dermatologists over the years but they only stay few months then go, so have to go over and over how it started, how long it's been and when I had the biopsy etc.
  3. Hi I have morphea but would like a tattoo, does anyone know if it is safe to have one? You may think I am mad wanting a tattoo when I have this disease but it is hard to describe. I want one as it's something I want on my skin not something I have to accept and deal with, if that makes any sense, not like morphea where I have no choice what happens and how it spreads etc. Can anyone help?
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