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  1. Dear Barefut, Thank you for remembering Mom and for caring enough to write. :) Love, Robin
  2. Dear Miocean, Thank you for your kind words about my mom. In some ways I am still in shock ~ it is still so hard to believe she is gone. She would feel so happy to know that she helped make such a positive difference. Love, Robin
  3. Dear Susie, Thanks so much for this kind post. It is hard to be without Mom right now, but reading these words is comforting and Mom would be honored. Love, Robin
  4. Yes, she was ~ thank you Jeannie.
  5. Dear Pamela, Thank you so much for caring and for the hugs :) Love, Robin
  6. Dear Shelley, I wasn't sure how she signed in, but it is so nice to know because I can now enjoy reading some of her posts. The Avatar that you painted is so special! Mom was honored that she was asked to be a Support Specialist, but she had a cascade of health issues and hospitalizations in that same time frame The comments from friends here have touched my heart and given me great comfort. Mom also headed up a smoking cessation group and there has been a real outpouring of caring emails. I wish Mom was here to read them with me and see how special she was to so many. Love, Robin
  7. On behalf of my mother, Mary Dell, also known as "Bookworm", and my family, I want to thank you for being such a fantastic source of support and information. Mom had scleroderma for so long, and yet she kept going, kept giving, exhibiting a special kind of bravery. Although we miss her terribly, we are so proud of her and her legacy of caring and compassion, integrity and courage. Mom was a published author, and an avid reader. She was a passionate defender of the underdog, and was known for her love of animals. She was beautiful, generous and kind. Mom was the best cook I know and was a food editor and caterer for many years. She was a night owl and the only one I could call at midnight or later! Some of our best talks were in the wee hours of the morning. She loved to sew and crochet and even when her hands were stiff she continued to crochet for all of us that she loved. She made cornbags that could be heated in the microwave and used to help relieve the stiffness of arthritis as well as the cold and numbness of Raynaud's. She was dedicated and devoted to her family and unselfishly gave her all to so many of our elderly family members. She was only 68 when she died, and there is no replacing her, but she lives on forever in our hearts and minds. She leaves behind her husband, 4 children and 16 grandchildren. We are grateful she had the International Scleroderma Network and all of you to help her cope with and live with her disease.