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  1. Most of us of a certain age would have been saddened by the recent death of one of my heroes, Neil Armstrong, the first man to have stepped on the surface of the moon. Heroes are hard to come by these days; they appear to be in short supply. If you were to ask people if they had a hero, someone they admire and respect, they would all give their personal take on the subject; after all we are so very uniquely different. I think Neil Armstrong was a reluctant hero. He shunned his celebrity status, the limelight, wanting to be separate from the ‘man on the moon syndrome’ and get on with his ev
  2. Dear Jo Thank you for your encouraging post, I am so pleased to be a part of this organisation. Kindest Regards Michael
  3. Hello Miocean Thank for for your kind sentiments. I am so pleased you have taken the time to share your husband's self management challenges. It is always helpful to empathize with others who understand you! Kindest Regards Michael
  4. When living in Portsmouth in Hampshire, England, I happened to take a walk near my home by the sea; I travelled through an amusement park that was near the beach. There were a number of rides for the general public to enjoy and about 40 feet overhead was this very odd looking roller coaster ride. It's steel rails had clearly seen better days, the iron pillars that held the ride up had been exposed to the sea breezes and were rusty and slightly corroded and in need of some paint. The rails that twisted and turned in the air and held the heavily painted cars were narrow; the steel was shining,
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