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  1. Hi San Please don't apologise for "going on so long." I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I agree, it's a very big loss & takes some recovery time. I can understand the shock you must have felt. Although my mother was already in hospital having broken her hip, I did not expect her to have a fatal heart attack during the night. There was no time to say good-bye & the shock was tremendous. I was in a daze for months, but don't remember any flare-up. I'm sorry you have this problem to deal with as well as everything else. Keeping it to yourself must be stressful too. It would be great if
  2. Just got back on to the Forum & caught up with how you are getting on. Pretty grim I find but so pleased to hear you got the all clear on the mammogram. No, it's certainly not the most dignified procedure.. Can't believe you are having so much to deal with. Surely no more now... Have got fingers crossed for a good outcome following the next lot of tests. Liz
  3. Well, I'm back...with a little help from Jo! Had punctal plugs fitted for the 3rd time & bliss has returned! Here's hoping they stay in for a nice long time. Liz
  4. Hi Carole I sympathise as I've had dry mouth & eyes for years. It's very inconvenient! I hate the mouth sprays but, like you, never go anywhere without water & little sugar free pastilles which can be bought over the counter. I see my dentist every 3 months as we are at greater risk of decay. He recommended a complete chewing gum. Eating out can be a bit if a nightmare. Lots of water needed & gravy & sauces vital. I've found tomatoes & grapes useful things to eat with dryer food. Any more tips welcome! Best wishes Liz
  5. The punctal plugs make a lot of difference & make keeping my eyes open less difficullt. I have used eye drops for years & still need them to a lesser extent, even with the plugs. I agree, Night Owl, eye drops are tedious but vital! My next appointment is in April & I'm hoping the consultant will really convince me of the best option. The thermal cautery sounds great, but there's no going back. Will let you know. Liz
  6. Hi guys Many thanks for info. It's all useful stuff. Amanda, I think the first set of plugs stayed in about 8 weeks at the most but they were slightly different from this second lot, which, though not quite as effective, seem to be staying in longer. Yet another query for the consultant! I'll report back! Liz
  7. Hi Has anyone had tear duct cauterisation as a solution to a very dry eye problem? I have had punctal plugs fitted twice & just wonder how long the present plugs will stay in. Liz
  8. Hi Chris It seems sharing your tooth experience has been really helpful to a lot of people, including me, so thank you very much! Sorry to hear your visits to the dentist have been grim. I do hope it gets sorted soon. You deserve a holiday so have a great time! Liz
  9. Hi Jefa That is the best answer I have read on this topic. It just about covered all my concerns & gave me several hopeful ideas to think about. Thank you! Liz What do you reckon Christine?
  10. Hi Amanda Sorry for delay in reply. 3 granddaughters staying put me out of action for a while! I think both Sjogren's & Scleroderma are the problem. There is bone & tissue loss hence the difficulty with implants, & the Sjogren's means dentures would probably not work. Nobody will come clean about the future so I understand Christine's fear of just gums! Can't cope with the idea you opened a bottle with your TEETH!! Don't know whether to be impressed or horrified! Good luck when you finally get the crown sorted. Liz
  11. Hi Christine My dentist referred me to the maxillo-facial dept of the local hospital where I saw a consultant in restorative dentistry. The general advice was to hang on to my few remaining teeth as long as possible. Implants are not an option. He did recommend a "soft splint" to be worn at night on the lower teeth. It is very comfortable and seems to be effective at keeping those teeth in a good position. I see my dentist every 3 months and use a high fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash. I do sympathise with this problem and hope you find a satisfactory answer. All best wishes Liz
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