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  1. Thanks for the welcome... Well, the appointment was "interesting" I went through the methotrexate procedures with the specialist nurse ( who was lovely :) ) then had to see my dermatologist and her senior to get the final authorisation for treatment... well, he isn't so sure it is morphea! Apparantly the first biopsy I had at least 4 years ago was "inconclusive" and the 2nd one was a completely different skin patch which has different presentation anyway! He now wants me to have 2 further biopsies done one around the original flare up years ago and one at the most recently affected area, so unfortunately that will be calf and mid-buttock on the same leg! If the biopsies come back showing definitive "proof" that it is morphea then I go ahead with the methotrexate treatment. If they are inconclusive they will be sent to London for more analysis. In this case I will not start the MTX as he feels it would be inappropriate treatment. The other thought he had about my "condition" was that it could be another form of telangiectasia... one which my consultant appeared not to be aware of LOL! I am a little disappointed as I hoped to start treatment and see if I can get the spread halted, but of course if the diagnosis was wrong all along then I hope there is something out there (and maybe a little less harsh) I can use to at least slow it down. Anyhow thanks for your interest, I will let you know what undoubledly slow progress is made in future :emoticons-thankyou: Sara
  2. Hi, I'm Sara... I'm 35 and I was diagnosed a couple of years ago as having morphea. My symptoms are very mild compared to most other people on here, but thought I'd say hello anyway! :) I started off with a "bruise" about the size of a 50p piece on my right calf - that never went away! This was when I was pregnant with my son who is now 7 1/2 and over the next few years it spread until it covered from my ankle all the way up to my calf (my doctor was less than interested and huffed and puffed... in the last couple of years it has spread more rapidly and now stretches all the way up to the middle of my buttock. :( I am very lucky as I don't really suffer any other symptoms other that occasional itching and it's quite tight and thickened at the back of my ankle. I also have telangectasia (face, neck, arms) and other various marks on my left leg which apparently aren't morphea and are unknown quantities I am seeing my dermatologist on Tuesday as I am probably going on methotrexate as long as her senior agrees with the diagnosis etc! Anyhow, if any of you have this type of morphea I'd love to hear from you :emoticons-thankyou:
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