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  1. Shelley, Yup, I do know they are common; in fact my mom has quite a few of the linear kind on her nose and cheeks. Plus varicose and spider veins run in my family. The few that I have are new and tiny at that...nothing to worry about cosmetically speaking. In combo with the Raynauds and sore finger joints (new as well).... I'm just keeping an eye on it all till I can afford to go to a doctor. I was just curious about how they "showed up" for people. :)
  2. Thank you! I did read the thread you linked to, Jo, as well as the main telangiectasia page. I'm just wondering about what I see on my own skin. I seem to be getting little pinpricks of red on my inner lip, the top of my hands, one on my palm, and several on both upper arms and on my torso. Have not seen any on my legs, although I am getting a few of the spidery veins (not spots). I'm also getting a few of the linear type around my nose. I don't have any spots that are as large as the pictures I've seen when googling telengiectasia, which is why I asked if they got bigger over time. Anyhow, thanks again for all your replies. I'm going to keep track of the little spots and lines and see if they change or not. Nicole
  3. I've read that in order for a Scleroderma/CREST diagnosis, the location of Telangiectasia needs to be on the hands or face (i'm guessing that they can also appear other areas of the body, as well). And, of course, the red spots need to be accompanied by other symptoms, since Telangiectasia can occur in otherwise healthy people. My question is: What do they look like when they first appear? Do they first appear pinpoint small then grow larger over time? Or do they just appear one day out of the blue as large as they will ever be? Can they be faint then grow more noticable? Also, do they have to be the round-ish spot type or can they be the linear type? I've looked on this website as well as others and have not found the answers. I'm curious and am hoping those of you who have this symptom can tell me your experience. Nicole
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome! I know no one will (or should, for that matter) give me medical advice or opinions. I mostly just wanted to see if my story sounds familiar to anyone. I have never met anyone who has Raynauds, so I have no real-life baseline to compare myself to. According to everything I have read (almost all of the major online medical sites, including this one) having Raynauds only in my feet and nipples and never having attacks in my hands is unusual. But like I said, it's the recent addition of other possibly related symptoms that caught my attention. I'm thinking I may wait to talk to a doctor until after the first of the year. That way, I can track everything and see if the other things stay or resolve themselves. If my joint pain stays or gets worse, if I get a few more little red spots on my face or arms, or if my heartburn continues for several more months, then I'll have a history to show the doctor. I do have a family history of arthritis and bursitis, and my mom has the type of telangiectasia that are little lines on her face, but those are just from age, I think. I really do not want to stress, since it can trigger attacks. If I keep and eye on things, I think I'll feel in control a bit. One more question. I have not seen anything like this in all my reading, but maybe someone can tell me if this could be related. Several years ago I had a very strange episode of facial numbness along with a bout of vertigo. My right cheek under my eye went numb and tingly for several hours. It slowly spread to my eyebrow and also a patch at the back of my head before going away. Well, it freaked me out and I had an MRI to see if something neurological was going on. My scan came back clear, and nothing else ever happened. Has anyone ever experienced this? The doctor said it could be possibly nerve related or simply stress. It makes me wonder if all this recent stuff could be related to that episode at all. I know stress can really play havoc with our bodies. Hmmm...just more things to ponder. Anyhow, thanks again for the welcome! I will definitely browse around and read up on things. :) Nicole
  5. Hi! My name is Nicole. I joined the group here to ask a few questions, look around, etc. I chuckled when I read in the new user guidelines about "cyberchondria". I may have been guilty of this a time or two in the past, but really do try not to get carried away. So, instead of self-diagnosing myself into an early grave, I'd love to chat with you all! My history: Since my early 20's after moving from sunny California to less sunny (at least in the winter) Idaho, I've suffered from (admittedly self-diagnosed) Raynauds. Mine started in the nipples. Less common, I've read, but no less painful for it. Never had an attack while breastfeeding, but give me a cold drink in an air conditioned room.... oh boy! It still happens, though thankfully less frequently. I also have attacks of the feet, though I did not observe the classic tri-color change until very recently. One day when my feet were little blocks of ice and my toes were completely numb, I looked at the bottom of my feet and they were white, verging on purple. When I soaked them in warm water, WOW did that hurt! Turned beet red and finally thawed out. Can happen seemingly at anytime, whether out in the cold, or inside with sock on. Go figure. So, at this point (about a year ago) I suspected I had Raynauds and thought no more of it. I'd need to try and keep 'em warm, etc, etc. Then I started having pain and stiffness in my finger joints as well as almost nightly reflux/heartburn, both of which are very uncommon for me. Of course, I looked at several websites for symptoms and up popped Sclero. Now, I did say that I try not to panic, but I am a bit worried. I know that Scleroderma is a very rare disease and can be next to impossible to diagnose. So here is my question: What would you do? I have a few symptoms (possible Raynauds, joint pain, reflux, possible telangiectasia) that, taken together could be Sclero, but also could easily be nothing but a big coincidence. I don't really have the financial means to got to a specialist and say "Run all the tests!". On the other hand, I don't really want to ignore my body/health when something new and possibly negative starts happening. So, should I get this stuff checked out? How should I approach it? I don't want to sound like a lunatic at the doctor's saying "I just know I have (insert rare disease here)!!!" Oh and one other thing. I get very cold hads a lot, but have never seen them turn white. What is the likelyhood of the Raynauds to get worse/progress to my hands over time? I'd love to hear from some of you all about this! Any advice or thoughts of any kind are welcome. :) Nicole
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