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  1. Hi Lynnie Ask your surgeon if the anaesthetists run a clinic for patients with conditions that may make an anaesthetic more difficult. I'm secretary to an anaesthetist who runs such a clinic and he sees people with heart or breathing problems, anaesthetic phobias, and I know he has seen people with scleroderma. In our hospital the clinic is known as the "Anaesthetic Assessment Clinic". The anaesthetist I work for takes the patient's full medical history and makes recommendations about how to carry out the surgery and anaesthetic to best effect for the patient.
  2. Hi Jo and Amanda Thanks for your welcome and also for the links, which I will look at. The rheumatologist I'm seeing is not on the list of specialists but does seem to know what he's talking about. I'm still learning about the scelroderma and will certainly bear that list in mind. The specialist nearest to me would either be in Addenbrookes or Northampton. Regards Lynn
  3. Glad the procedure went well and they were able to intubate while you were asleep. Cannulation sounds a nightmare - I dread blood tests because my veins are "deep" and nurses struggle to find them. Thanks for your welcome.
  4. Hi All I've joined today, having been recently diagosed with limited cutaneous systemic scleroderma with secondary Raynaud's. I also have automimmune underactive thyroid. I've had Raynaud's symptoms for as long as I can remember but only went to the general practitioner at the end of last year as I had been struggling with my job as a medical secretary. The general practitioner did various blood tests, upped my thyroid medication, because my thyroid was out of control and referred me to a rheumatologist because my blood results were abnormal and he wasn't sure what the results meant. I first saw the rheumatologist in April and had a follow up appointment last week. The x-rays and blood tests done at the first appointment revealed nothing serious but last week the diagnosis was confirmed. The rheumatologist does not think I have active scleroderma at the moment but I have an echocardiagram and respiratory function tests booked for the end of this month as a baseline, and will be monitored annually. I've found silver gloves helpful for the Raynaud's and have eye drops for dry eyes, which the rheumatologist said was part of the scleroderma. I'm looking forward to learning and sharing on this site. Regards Lynn
  5. I work as a medical secretary in an anaesthetics department in the UK and have heard mention of "awake fibre optic intubation" which is used at our hospital for patients have small mouth opening.
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