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  1. Hi All, Something interesting happened. The last post I made about this issue was on the 12th. That was my second day of feeling good. I am now on my tenth! I was very, very ill on the 10th. I did try to go to work, which was not smart, but I tend to feel guilty when I don't go (even though my boss and co-workers are very good about all this). Anyway, I had several episodes of vomiting before I was able to leave and come home. During one of those my body expelled a dark-colored, fist-sized mass and also a smaller walnut size one. I felt a little better, but not much. I went on home, stayed on the couch the rest of the day, with a few more minor episodes. I didn't have anything to eat and not much to drink. About 8pm, all of a sudden the bloating was gone, the pain was gone and almost all the nausea was gone. I was so surprised!! Since then, I have had no bloating, pain or vomiting and only slight nausea on a daily basis. I have sent this news to my doctors for their take on it. I am convinced that mass was the culprit. Maybe not for everything, but at least for the major problems these past several months. Just wanted to share (maybe too much??). Brenda
  2. Thanks to all of you for your responses. I have been checked for just about everything, colitis included. The doctors have gotten together and decided to try another round of antibiotics - an "older" drug this time - to see if that will do it. I don't know; we'll see. Keeping my fingers crossed. April, I have the same incontinent problems, so I definitely sympathize on that end (no pun intended). Biofeedback would not work for me either, so... Sue, I will email you to find out what you take. I have not had luck with any of the OTC's that I have tried so far. But maybe it is something I haven't tried. I am definitely willing to try. I have tried to figure it out on my own but it also doesn't seem to be related to stress or being tired, although I am told that I don't really know when I am stressed or tired (or don't consiously admit it). I wouldn't know how to reduce stress or stop being tired?? Kamlesh, I have tried Reglan a couple of different times and different doses but it doesn't seem to have any effect at all, so I no longer take that. I do take Nexium-3/day-which helps with the GERD, but has no effect on anything else. But for now, I guess I will continue on my "one day at a time" path and see where it takes me. My best to everyone.
  3. Hi All, I have not posted since right after I was diagnosed with Diffuse in march 2006. I jump in a read occassionally although not as often as I would like. However, reading this post today, I have some questins maybe someone can help with. I have GI involvement, top to bottom, and have from the beginning (actually since before disgnosis). For the past three months or so, I have been having times of MAJOR bloating, lately so much so that you can see the outlines of the intestines (at least that is how is looks to me). When this started, i would get very nauseated and would what I call "throw up air". It is not dry heaves but rather like I am vomiting but air is the substance. (Sorry if I get too graphic) It started out not lasting too long and sometimes the "air burst" would make me feel better. But since it has started, it has gotten progressively worse, such that now it is pretty much an everyday occurrance, with much pain and some vomiting included. I am at a point where I am averaging missing two days of work a week. My GI doctor finally ran tests to rule out non-Sclero related things (gallbladder, etc) and has pretty much told me he can't do anything. Anyone else have these types of symptoms and any type of relief? I have been on the antibiotic treatment and Reglan with no results. Diet does not seem to be a factor as I can eat or drink the same thing two different times and not have the same result each time. Looking forward to hearing from anyone with words of wisdom (or just words!). Brenda
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