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  1. Dear Shelley, You have made cry and laugh (mostly laugh) with your message. As days go by, I am feeling better psychologically. It is truly silly to worry about something I don't know. I think it has to do with my "control issues" :) I fix everything. Thanks again for your response. I will keep you posted. I am going to enjoy my holiday with my family. My son just came from Scotland where he goes to the University and I want him to enjoy his time with mama and his sister. I hope you have a great season. Ana
  2. Hi there, Thanks for writing. I was having a hard time a couple of days ago, specially after I went online just to read a little more and try to understand PAH. I was diagnosed with scleroderma 9 years ago. I suffer from Raynauds and a little interstitial lung disease (ILD). I have never really had any problems with this condition other than lots of pain in my muscles and joints. I do not take any medicine for pain since I think it is better for me to learn to live with the pain. So far it has worked. Because of my husband's job, my family moves every 2 years, mostly to a different
  3. I had my doctor's appointment yesterday and he seems a little concerned about me having Pulmonary Hypertension. He wants me to see a team of Pulmonologists in January. I hope they don't find PAH but if they do, I want to know if there is anyone in this forum living with that condition. What should I expect in the future? The internet is pretty scary. Thank you in advance for your help. Ana
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