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    Hello Emma, I just joined this forum after reading your post and your question about having en coup de sabre and having children. First let me say that I am a mom of 4. My oldest is 12 and youngest is 5. I fully understand your concerns. I remember when I first realized that I was pregnant with my first child. I remember the fears that I had about what she would look like. I had this fear because every since 1st or 2nd grade I had this indentation on my face that ran from the top of my forehead to the tip of my nose. I never knew what it was. My mom never knew what it was. She did take me to the dermatologist and he told her it was the mark of a sword, and of course she thought he was crazy. So I never had any concrete answer of what this thing was on my face and had nothing to tell anyone when they questioned me about it. Last year about March/April, I came home from worked looked in the mirror and for the first time in a long time started to wonder what this was on my face again. I pulled out my laptop and started googling things like scar on face and whatever else I could think of. I clicked on the image tab of one of my searches and low and behold there was a woman on there that had a scar that look exactly like mine. ( I had never seen anyone else with this exact mystery scar) Then there was a description about en coupe de sable and what the french term meant and let me tell you, the tears started coming from my eyes. I had all sorts of emotions. I immediately started looking for "seasoned" dermatologists that may be able to officially diagnose what I had just found out. (only because I had been to dermatologist before and none of them believed that I wasn't in a serious accident or anything of the sorts.) I was almost 35 when I was diagnosed and believe me I called all my family and friends and let them know because it was always a mystery. It was such a relief to finally know what I had (even though the initial dermatologist my mom took me to did have a clue and he didn't explain anything to my mom and she thought he was coocoo; lol! ) I told you my history to say to you, that none of my children have en coup de sabre. I'm not sure if there is anything genetic or any traits that can be passed on with en coup de sabre. From my knowledge, I was and still is the only one in my family (on both sides) that has this problem. I've lived a very healthy life, no major complications and I have a very beautiful family. Since finding out, I am not really ashamed when I'm asked about the scar and on some occasions, I've even been bold enough to wear my bangs away from my face, showing my little bald spot. I am who I am and for the first time I am truly embracing it. I hope that any children you have in the future are healthy and beautiful, with or with out en coup de sabre :bye: Layota