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    Thankyou Amanda, I will look at all the links because my rheumatologist has not really told me anything. I have learnt more today than I have in the last year .
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    Thank you, I am still trying to find out information and its daunting I am so pleased to find these forums x
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    A few years ago I started losing the colour in my fingers and would get numbness in my hands and feet, my doctors told me it was due to smoking so I quit, I then started to have trouble getting out of bed and if I had sat for a while it hurt to get up, so I had a blood test done and a rheumatologist said I have Crest. They said I would need all these different tests done, unfortunately for me I think I was sent to the wrong rheumatologist as so far I still have not been properly diagnosed since my first appointment in February 2011 and had to keep ringing up to arrange some tests myself. My doctor has since referred me to a different rheumatologist but I was wondering if anyone knows of a specialist in the NorthEast as I live in Durham. I am also wondering if I am the only one who is not losing weight as I did put some on when I stopped smoking but then with the steroids I put more on and so far haven't lost any at all.