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  1. Hi All, Thank you so much for all of your replies, much appreciated. I had the procedure done on Tuesday and am very, very, very happy with the results. My new eyebrows are healing well and the beauty therapist was right; my scleroderma seems to have had no impact on the procedure or the results. Thanks again Jay :)
  2. Hi All, I have systemic sclerosis and, unrelated, very little eyebrow hair which is extremely frustrating and has a massive impact on my life. I am hoping to have permanent eyebrows tattooed (this is not a regular tattoo but a special clinical procedure which does not cause scarring, only penetrates the first layer of skin, does not bleed) My question is not about the risks of the procedure in general but to ask if anybody has had or knows of anybody who has had this procedure with systemic sclerosis? At the moment my skin score on face is 0. I really hope that somebody can help with this question Many thanks in advance Jay :)
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