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  1. I would like to thank each and everyone of you for your input, advice and well wishes! I will definately keep you posted. I wish all of you good health, your support is greatly appreciated!!!!
  2. Hi everyone...This is my first post and I make it out of concern for my wife. We found out a few years ago that she has limited systemic sclerosis. The past year or so I have watched her health decline in many ways. We found out last year that her aortic valve has begun to harden, she has intestinal metaplasia (just a small step left to stomach cancer), arthritis in her hips and shoulder. Her Raynaud's has gotten to the point that anything below 75, her fingers and toes are purple, she is constantly battling splits on her finger tips despite lotions and the topical steroid cream they gave her to use (she types all day and they make it very difficult and painful). When she is at work, she is directly under an air conditioner vent and has requested that it be closed, that goes well for about 15 minutes then everyone starts to complain that they are hot. She has tried using a small space heater but is met with complaints on that as well or it just makes the air conditioner run longer. When she does get off work (she stands for long periods during the day) her feet, ankles, and lower legs are swollen. She has medications that she is supposed to take but she has to eat with them and she can not eat during the day and work, the stomach complications keep her running to the bathroom anytime she eats, so she doesn't take the medications. She battles fatigue all day and the insurance company will not cover the medication the she was using for this (it's over $1,000 a month with no insurance!!). Good grief, I've piled it on but I wanted you guys to get a good picture, I apologize for the length. So...at what point do they consider this disease a disability, how likely would she be able to even qualify, and how should I approach the topic with her? She is only 38 and I want her around and as healthy for as long as possible! ConcernedSpouse
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