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  1. Thanks for the answers. It's strange how scleroderma affects people so differently. Thank you red for your answer in particular since I'm especially concerned about myalgia right now. Does Plaquenil help at all with GI related issues– or should I expect to supplement my diet with additional proton pump inhibitors?
  2. Still waiting on my official appointment with the rheumatologist, but recently I changed my Primary Care Provider because I moved last year. Anyways, turns out this new primary care physician has significant experience with connective tissue disease and re-ordered my bloodwork as a first step to see how my titres have changed. The results came back showing that my SCL-70 increased to 1.5 from 1.3 since six weeks ago. I know don't know how to make heads or tails of this kind of thing, so I'm wondering if people here can make sense of it. Also, she is suggesting that after I see the Rheumato
  3. I'm hardly an expert... I'm still waiting on a proper diagnosis. But I can definitely relate to the leg pain. I've been having chronic leg pain daily for six months and before that I can remember painful episodes going back at least six years. I should also add that I've been dealing with meralgia paresthetica in my thighs for about that long as well. At least twice the pain was so sharp and acute, the doctors thought I had a thrombosis. As a result, I've had MRIs, X-rays, venous and arterial ultrasounds and even something called a 'bone scan'. All of which turned up nothing to explain my
  4. Amanda, still waiting on appointments with the rheumatologists. :-/ At this point my determination to my symptoms as scleroderma is a diagnosis of exclusion. I've already had MRIs of the spine, leg and shoulders and everything checks out fine aside from the blood work, upper endscopy, etc. Because I'm somewhat confident of this, I'm been more or less content to wait until I see the doctors. The diagnosis would at least confirm to my wife that I'm not just always making excuses when I'm in pain or fatigued. :D
  5. I still don't have an official diagnosis, but I recently fell on the hardwood floor in my house and broke my foot. It's what finally prompted me to to take my nagging leg and shoulder pain seriously and get some answers. I also occasionally experience some kind of vertigo when I'm seated or lying down. The irony of the broken foot is that I was invited out to a dance hall that night but opted to stay home with the pregnant wife and avoid taking any risks. :wacko:
  6. Amanda, Thanks for asking. I got along with neurologist fairly well. My spinal MRI came back normal, which is essentially what I expected. Since I had already had a separate MRI of the affected leg just a few months ago, the neurologist had all the data he needed to conclusively state that there was nothing neurological that could explain the long-term leg pain I'm experiencing, nor the five years or so of meralgia paresthetica in the same leg. Since the only notable abnormality was the ANA and SCL-70 tests, he concluded that an 'underlying inflammatory condition... like a cousin of ar
  7. Wow! Thanks for the response everyone. My followup with my neurologist is this afternoon, and unfortunately I can't see the rheumatologist until August! Thank you for the kind words Shelley. I definitely don't want to become too hopeful about a diagnosis for the reasons you described; it's just that the results of the blood work resurrected the possibility of addressing a variety of symptoms that I've been dealing with fruitlessly for so long. I've been dealing with palmar eczema for fourteen years, legendary acid reflux and esophageal spasms for a decade alongside numerous other GI 'n
  8. Thanks for the responses. I am currently scheduled to see a rheumatologist in early August. I'm very happy to find such a warm community, and it was nice to chat with you Jo. I'm sure I will be around, and will definitely update as my situation develops.
  9. I arrived here after some blood work requested by a neurologist came back positive for ANA and SCL-70. I was seeing him about some deep-seated thigh pain I've had for nearly six months. He's already commented on the blood work that I will need to see a rheumatologist. I'm curious if its relatively normal to feel as though you've spent years feeling like a hypochondriac making mountains out of molehills because you feel like these seemingly disparate symptoms are interrelated, and yet none of the doctors or specialists are ever able to make definitive diagnosis. Eventually you start to shel
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