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  1. Hello all, I have been pondering a great many things since researching this autoimmune disorder. I am an overweight individual with morphea and I am on track to becoming a healthier me in just general. Most importantly going to build some muscle. Looked and have planned all the exercises and I have built exercises based on my goal and limits. I know to consult with a doctor with exercise regiments that isn't a problem. The question, I guess, is there any sort of studies out there relating to this condition and building muscle? Mostly I am focusing on the facts that point to that morphea can go below skin into muscle and bone sometimes. Do any studies support this for a positive thing to do or does it aggravate or trigger the morphea? It is healthy to exercise and be an active individual overall which is why I feel so silly asking this. However I have read it isn't good to spark your immune system. Just wondering if there is any studies or documents already referring to this topic. Sorry, if it is silly to ask just so curious. Been looking everywhere but maybe in wrong places. -Kblueeyes
  2. Hey ya'll, Thank you all for such a warm greeting. I am glad to be here as well. (Sorry it is under the circumstances as well but that is life, eh? Your thrown to where you are sometimes maybe to understand more or help others. Or so I believe everyone can help in some situation.) Still looking around a lot on the internet but not as obsessive and I have gave the videos a gander at. It is a thing I have to stop after a while because I am a nerve bundle at times anyways. Just talking helps, eh? Thank you all for commenting your experience and it touches me what you do and how you deal. It seems this disease ranges so much and it stumps me at every stage of development in people. I might add thankfully the dermatologist I finally seen was one of the people in the state that knows a lot more than others. At this point in development I only have cream for this and he has recommended that expensive vitamin cream.(didn't think I could mention what kind) -Hugs to all-
  3. I like to point out as well I get scleroderma mixed up with morphea some. I wasn't given much by my dermatologist but maybe it was preventing me from over doing it.(Kinda like I am now.)I didn't exactly know what to ask either so it's my bad.
  4. Hello, just found this forum and I am glad I have. I just discovered I have morphea through a dermatologist just a couple of days ago although I have been suffering 3 or 4 years now. It just comes such a shock to the system because I thought I was going nuts having this tough glazey skin and bumpy texture. No doctor could tell me what it was (but to be fair it is rare) . I'm sort of relieved knowing a name though. For a while all I could do is freak out because "what is wrong with me is it getting worse?" just kept repeating in my head. I would hit up google and medical forums just hoping to pop by the symptoms I had to see if they were mine. Just kind of a load on the system. I've been almost obssessive on this subject looking it up for hours. I digress. Just glad to have a place to look. Maybe not be such a worry wart (which probably doesn't help the disease). Sorry this was so lengthy but hopefully you understand why I am a bit all over the place. How did you all react whenever you found out the exact thing that was appearing on you? Did it take you a while to stop and smell the roses? Look forward to coversing and being on the forum. :)
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