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  1. Hi all, Yes, general practitioner says its migraines!! Yet another condition to put up with!! Agree, it's too easy to blame everything on scleroderma- but with having so many symptoms I just assumed. Clare
  2. Thanks to all for speedy replies/advice. I do have an appointment with my general practitioner soon. I will let you know how I get on. ta Clare-x-
  3. Has anyone else experienced sudden onsets of flashing lights affecting your vision? Also, feeling muzzy/spaced out- the first few times I didn't have a headache, but recently I have had one, but not as bad as what a migraine might feel like- but then I have never had a migraine so how would I know? Could this be Sjogrens?
  4. Hi Helen, Thanks for your feedback, and am sorry you too are struggling with the tendons. I have tendonitis on both ankles, 1st onset was 2 years ago (18months before diagnosis) so just thought I had strained something, and whilst am very stiff in the mornings and is painful when pressure is applied (I can no longer wear my walking boots!) I don't need to take pain killers that often, however, I did try anti-inflammatories but my stomach symptoms just got worse! Despite being on 3 different drugs for my stomach. I've been advised to try ice. It just all makes sense now, all these nigg
  5. It has never occured to me that my tendonitis could be related to my scleroderma; anyone with any thoughts? I've read about tendon rub, any helpful hints? Thanks Clare.
  6. Hi all, Ooops! My error, I have limited systemic scleroderma. Thanks for all the feedback and comments. It's so frustrating that no one case is the same, as I like to know "whats ahead", and struggle with the not knowing. I am on a mixture of drugs to help the stomach problems, Domperidone, (which I found taking before meals helps a lot), omeprazole, cimetidine, laxido as needed and Gaviscon at night. It seems to control it most of the time apart from the odd flare up. Has anyone any thoughts on bacterial overgrowth in the bowel/breath test? Thanks Clare.
  7. Just joined, as having a stomach flare up. I was diagnosed last July with limited diffuse scleroderma,I have oesophageal involvement, causing reflux, bloating/discomfort, (I often look 9months pregnant!) altered bowel habbits, nausea etc!,(and the Raynaud's, telangectasia). I am on lots of medication to help abdominal symptoms. Am however confused re diet, should I be on a high fibre OR low residue? Any advice? Thanks Clare.
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