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  1. I just wanted to give an update. Because of the Smith and DS DNA antibodies I was diagnosed with SLE and have started taking plaquenil. My rheumatologist said I might develop scleroderma, I might not. Shelley, my hematologist ran an ANA because I had pregnancy induced Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP) that would not resolve. I was also leaking proteins during pregnancy and still am, but only trace amounts at this time. It is all so shocking to me because I feel fine...no fatigue, joint pain, etc. However, my rheumatologist says we can not ignore that there is organ involvement
  2. I just had a positive ANA test. I'm having a hard time understanding this because I feel perfectly fine. Is it possible to have a high scl-70 antibody and not have diffuse scleroderma? Here are my results: ANA 1:80 speckled homogenous pattern SSA - 131 Smith antibodies -131 SCL-70 - 217 JO-1 antibody - 168 Histone antibodies, U- 122 C3 serum - 75 (low) DS-DNA - 234 All results are high with the exception of the C3 I'm freaking out. We just had a brand-new baby and I want to watch grow up to be an old man. Thank you
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