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  1. Thank you, Shelley, for your reply. I hope you get your 'degree' soon! LOL. I do have lupus and fibromyalgia. It was through search through lupus sites that I came upon morphea. I do know that what is happening is not from repetitive as I'm retired and really don't do a whole lot with them (even dishes, LOL). I will continue my search. Thank you again.
  2. For the past year I have been experiencing hardening of the skin on several of my finger tips. The skin will feel like it has a bubble underneath the skin then it becomes hard and rough, similar to a callus. At first I found myself unconsciously picking at the hardened skin until I picked it to being open sores. Then it hurt and I would become conscious of what I was doing. A short time back I discovered if I clip the hardened skin (which is like the dead skin of a blister but thicker) with nail clippers I can avoid the painful sores. Under the clipped skin is nice soft skin, which lasts 4-5 days before it hardens again. I put foot cream on my fingers several times a day to attempt to slow down the hardening and wear gloves a lot of the time. Has anyone else experienced this? I am without health insurance right now so I can't see a doctor. Thank you all!!
  3. Hello all and Happy Holidays I am new here. I have been having issues with my scleroderma and fingertips the past few months and decided to do some internet research and stumbled upon this forum. I am hoping for some advice or suggestions. For the past few months I have been battling hardening around and under my nails. The skin gets hard then cracks or just breaks off if a piece gets snagged on clothing or something. What is left is a raw tender area similar to when the skin comes off a blister. There is also a numbness to some of my finger tips. I have been managing to keep it from getting horrific with constant lotioning, neosporin and bandaids on the cracks and sores, managing the pain with ibuprophen. Does anyone else experience this? What do you do for it? Mine started up during a particular high stress period which I have eliminated but it just won't stop! Thank you for your assistance. I am looking forward to reading the many different posts on here. Kadi
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