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  1. Thanks for all your advice ladies, I haven't been googling anymore, I've been a good girl, haha! Sometimes I think all this available information isn't a good thing! Have just got an appointment for a chest x-ray on Tuesday so will see how that goes.
  2. I did so well not to research things for ages, and then I just started to and got mortality rates and everything. Like you said, it is pointless to get worried and stressed until I've had the results so I know I'm being a) a bit previous b) daft or c) both. Feels better to have somewhere I can come and vent though and not feel daft, and to meet people who have gone through the same types of things as me. So just replying has reassured me so thank you xx
  3. Hi all. Thanks for the replies! I had my appointment with rheumatology on Monday and was sent for blood tests and xrays on my hands and am waiting for a chest xray. Depending on what comes from these I may need to go for an MRI on my hands. From what I understood this is to check for arthritis and if the xrays come clear then they suspect scleroderma. It's still all a bit guess-y at the moment but I'm not very informed on what scleroderma actually is; I keep reading through the forums and that and think that I have read so much stuff I've had overload and don't really know what to believe
  4. Yes, I know that mine is a localised condition, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of information around. I'm not certain if it will spread, or any other effects it may have on me. I am having a few minor mobility issues with my hands and legs but am hoping that the rheumatologist will have some answers.
  5. Thanks ladies! My main concern is before I was diagnosed my husband and I were talking about having another baby (we have a little girl 17 months) and I just wondered if anyone had any information or experience of pregnancy with Morphea? Mine seems to be limited to my lower right leg and a few little patches on my stomach; I have been referred to a rheumatologist as well. That appointment is in March with a follow up from the dermatologist in June. I'm 27 and live in Yorkshire :VeryHappy:
  6. Hi, Just wanted to say Hi really, have just been diagnosed with Morphea today and thought I would come and have a look around and hopefully get to know some experiences people have had :) xx
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