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  1. I just talked to my brother and his wife. He went to his FP doctor for a kidney infection and his fingers. The FP doctor was very upset that nothing was being done for his fingers. He will be contacting the group of doctors at the teaching hospital to get up to speed on his case. He prescribed antibiotics for his fingers and medication for his kidneys - both medications should help his fingers. The teaching hospital we were pleased with because they were able to diagnose his medical problem but the after care and followup appointments we have not been pleased with. I'm pretty sure he will be changing doctors. You are right, we have to stay on top of this and keep the doctors involved in his case and get the treatment he needs. Between his wife and I, we will get it done!!!!!!
  2. Thanks Shelley!!! He was diagnosed at a teaching hospital. He had an appointment 3 weeks ago and they saw the condition his fingers are in and did nothing. He saw his family practice (FP) doctor today and it sounds like he is getting involved in the care of his hands. I am so disgusted. The teaching hospital was able to diagnose his autoimmune symptoms but I am not impressed with his aftercare.
  3. I hope some of you can give me helpful information. My brother has been diagnosed with several auto immune diseases. One of them is Raynauds. Right now his fingers are in a terrible condition: black, drainage from around the nail, sensitivity in the fingers, etc. They are a mess. He is wearing gloves, on several medications and is being seen by a rheumatologist. Do any of you have this type of condition with your fingers and to the extreme like his fingers. We are very concerned that he may lose some of his fingers by just the appearance. Any helpful comments in this area would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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