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  1. Hi Joelf and barefut, thank you for your warm welcome and thank you so much for sharing it with me. I'm sorry that you both went through the same as I'm going through.... Joelf I wanted to let you know that though I have my results normal with my PET scan, they are going to perform a biopsy on me on 8th March to see and cut lung tissue. Thank you for the link for limited and diffuse scleroderma, it was lot of help. And sure I will let you all know what my PET scan results are. Barefut does your muscle pain come and go? As I'm experiencing something like this it really hurts and if I sl
  2. Thank you Shelley Ensz; you have been a great help.... I just went to the scleroderma and pregnancy there is lot of information....I appreciate your help. I actually don't know what kind of scleroderma I have, as they are yet doing the findings. I just wanted to know if any of them have low volume in scleroderma with hazy markings, does it mean I have diffuse scleroderma or limited? As my skin doesn't get tight or I have any visible symptoms, it will be a great help if I get to know.
  3. Hi Friends, It all started with my finger getting blue didn't take this seriously as I kept my self warm it was all good. I come from a warmer climate and as I got married I came down to Los Angeles. My blue fingers started getting blue even more day by day. My parents where more worried and asked me to show doctor as its not normal to have blue fingers. I googled and it said keep yourself warm and this happens to lot of women, known as "Raynauds phenomenon". I was not that serious for 5 years and then once it happened that I had to visit my parents and they forced me to see a
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