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    Daughter with New Diagnosis

    Hello, Today I just found out that my 12 year old daughter was diagnosed with scleroderma and they said that her SSB antibody also came back as Sjogren's too, so now I'm really worried about her. The spots came up her her back and legs about 3 years ago and I have taken her to different doctors. No one would ever give me any answers. When she was 6 years old she had her gallbladder taken out, then they noticed hat she had fibrosis on her liver so they had a liver specialist come in and check her out which she said she was fine. Then she started having trouble with inflammation in her stomach, they said she had gastritis. Then she started having rectal bleeding. I took her back and they said it was normal (no its not normal for anyone to have rectal bleeding). She has acid reflux and now she keeps a cough all the time. Can someone give me some advise? Oh her endocrinologist said her pancreas is producing to much insulin and now has vitamin D deficiency. She has growth hormone deficiency and hypothyriodism. Please help. Thanks, Virginia