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  1. Shelley- as of right now it's only been an informal diagnosis of IC. My OB/GYN said the diagnosis process was difficult and didn't always promise results, so at the time she didn't feel I needed to have that done. And honestly, I don't usually have urinary frequency- normally I'm fine and can go hours without... going. It's just I tend to get "flare ups" at certain times, like before holiday I had a "UTI" every 2 weeks it seemed, but I haven't had one since... Amanda- How did your doctor diagnose you when your tests were negative? I guess mine said that even though my tests were negative I
  2. Thank you, I'll definitely read that article! Sounds like it could explain a few things. My OB/GYN just recently thought of interstitial cystitis (although I had self-diagnosed myself with it before she did) after I kept having sooo many "UTIs" on top of one other, and other symptoms. No doctor, yet, has suspected fibromyalgia. One of my friends mentioned it after I drank a margarita one night and almost passed out in pain from pain in my back/shoulders. After that, I of course did my own research on fibro, and was pretty convinced I had it (along with the IC, chronic fatigue). So many of the
  3. Thanks Pamela! Well here's the deal- all my NINE viles of blood came back negative, so it's negative for CREST, lupus, etc.. But my Dr. said this doesn't necessarily mean I don't have CREST or some other "undifferentiated" connective tissue disease. So she wants to follow me and watch my symptoms and I'm supposed to contact her if they get worse. Guess I'm falling into one of those "undeclared" boxes after all! Which is pretty much expected, that's how it's always been. Sigh... On the plus side, she is going to try to treat my Raynaud's and Erythromelalgia, starting with a low dose as
  4. Thanks Shelley and Jo. Yeah, I've been having a lot of these symptoms for a year or two with some being worse lately, have been tested for thyroid problems, lupus, etc. And I did recently read that some tests for autoimmune diseases can be false negatives or false positives. So frustrating! I did bring my complete long list of symptoms to my appointment and my Rheumatologist looked over it... She said sometimes they have "undeclared" patients who seem like they need to be in Rheumatology, but they don't have a clear diagnosis to put them in a specific "box" so they kind of just watch them and
  5. Hi everyone! I'm glad I found this group! My name is Haley, and I'm 22. Here's my story, I'll try to keep it as brief as possible (I tend to ramble!). I've had Raynaud's for years. Recently saw a dermatologist for an unrelated thing, he mentioned I might have CREST and should be seen by a rheumatologist- Raynaud's, trouble swallowing, and the tiny red dots on my hands are my CREST symptoms. But also extreme fatigue, digestive problems, and muscle and joint pain. I saw the rheumatologist today, and she agreed. We're waiting for all the blood results to come back, then another appointmen
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