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  1. Where to begin? Well, this not-so-fantastic voyage began about 9 years ago when I was in my early 30's with a small preschooler and lots of plans. I'm sure it's a familiar story -- swollen hands and Raynaud's. All my plans were forgotten, and replaced with a new plan: staying alive. My official diagnosis was UCTD for a few years, then CREST, and now my rheumatologist just simply calls it scleroderma without really specifying anything else. My complete blood count (CBC), metabolic profile, erythrocyte sedimentation rate (sed) rate, complements have always been normal. The only thing that's
  2. Thank you for the toasty warm welcome. Can I put my hands on it? ;) I missed the original hippie years. My salad days were in the grunge/generation X era. I think all that depressing music and ripped clothing left me in an existential funk that doesn't always (ever?) lend itself well to a positive outlook. Good luck with your son's change of doctors, Margaret. It's hard starting over, but sometimes it helps to have a fresh outlook. I'll post a proper introduction in a new thread. Kitty
  3. Hello, New here. I won't type much because I have some fingertip ulcers and I feel like I just got an extreme manicure at a POW camp. I went off all my meds back in September as part of a reactionary health kick after some troubling non-sclero issues. Quit Plaquenil, Procardia, Prilosec. The three P's, which I'd taken for 9 years. Still off Prilosec after a two month battle with rebound hyperacidity. Otherwise, I did poorly off my meds. I was okay when I first quit taking Plaquenil, but gradually I saw an increase in those "non-specific" symptoms (felt like I had flu) and my sicca symptoms w
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