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  1. Thank you - to ALL of you! Our family echoes so much of what is being said here - the denial of family members, the devastation of a disease that none of us have heard of. We've felt bewildered. What we went to websites with information on this disease, we felt we were handed a death sentence... This forum is a lifeline. There are REAL people here who have not only managed through this disease but continue to live and thrive through their obstacles and it offers us hope that our daughter can and will make it through this. What a blessing you all are. I said to my husband what a world it
  2. Thank you, thank you. Everything we have read has been so discouraging. I read here and already have been so impressed by the support and HOPE here. We are just feeling a little overwhelmed. But knowledge is power, you are right. The more we know, the more empowered we become. Thank you for the links. I will go to them and read ASAP.
  3. Our daughter and a mother of little children was just diagnosed with diffuse systemic scleroderma and our family is reeling in knowing what to do and how to help her. She is in so much joint pain. We are heartbroken. Where do we even begin?
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