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  1. Thanks all of you for motivation and tips. Shelley, can you please give me some more details of UVA1 Photo therapy, I could only find the details of UVA and how it works. I want to know how much does it cost in US? and apart from US, is this service available in any other country? I would be very thankful if I can get more information about it.
  2. Hi everyone, I am Sajjad, a 22 year male currently living in Brisbane, Australia on international student visa originally from Pakistan. I am being diagnosed with Limited Scleroderma for last 2 years but the skin tightening problem is been there for more than 3 years. I will share my story from beginning and I hope that I will be able to get some advice, learn from experiences of other members and will be able to share some advice with members here. My problem started in late teenage when I felt that left side of my face was getting bit hard and I also lost hairs on my back. After few days I also started losing hairs on the hard skin of face. I consulted dermatologist there in Pakistan, did some blood testing for scleroderma but found nothing. It was strange that I was getting hard skin and there was no sign of scleroderma in my reports. Later one doctor said to me maybe it was because it was very initial stage of your problem. As it was not diagnosed, I was given treatment for Alopecia (Hair loss), I even got the injections for hair recovery on my face but was not recovering and it was becoming worst day by day. After struggling with alopecia treatment I was finally diagnosed with limited Scleroderma in blood tests by one lady dermatologist. From January 2011 till now I am only using one cream on my face and nothing else, its because I was given a lot heavy doses before so the doctor put me on mild treatment. I also consulted a rheumatologist in Pakistan and she suggested me to take Methotrexate, but I have not taken any methotrexate till now. The reasons behind not taking methotrexate is 1) My uncle advised me being a doctor not to take it at this stage 2) I am improving slowly with only medicine methylprednisolone aceponate cream. My specialist said to be on this cream till I get any more symptoms and luckily I have not got any new symptoms for last 2 years and I am improving on very slow percentage. My skin is getting a little softer on face and I am also recovering hairs on that part of face. Same thing a dermatologist in Brisbane told me that you can choose not to go on methotrexate treatment if you feel that you are improving. I was very worried when it happened to me, I lost my confidence as it was my young age but I had a lot of support from my family and friends and its because of their support I am fighting with this problem. I believe that every human has capability to do anything and I am still up with this spirit because I am still young and I have to do many things in future so why should I worried with just this problem. I would really appreciate if someone can share any home remedies or any exercise they have done which can improve mobility of skin or anything that can be useful to me. I also hope that I will learn and share many things on this blog. Thank you.
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