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  1. Hi Msjess and others :emoticons-clap: You are discovering what I have discovered - that the medics don't always believe you even though you know your body better than anyone and are fobbed off on a regular basis. It is so tough when you know what's going on but nobody takes you seriously. I presented with what I thought was rheumatoid arthritis in my hands 3 years ago and was told I was imagining it and I probably had wear and tear (at age 40, yeh) and to get used to it. I was denied a rheumatoid factor test because I didn't need it. Fast forward to March this year and my hands are
  2. Loperamide is the one I got prescribed but it is basically the main content of Imodium and other over the counter stuff. If the bowel is overactive and going into spasm like mine does, try mebeverine which is an anti-spasmodic. My Dr prescribed this - 2 tablets 20 mins before a meal and it has helped. Also get some diet information - a dietician will help you to reduce discomfort and evacuation by eliminating foods that might be causing a problem for you. It never goes away but it does improve. Well mine has. I have also found cutting out coffee and other caffeine drinks has made a HUG
  3. Thanks - I think Amanda is at the point of needing an Oscar for her outstanding film performances! :D
  4. Hi there Peeps! Wondered if anyone else gets tightening skin on the hands and wrists? I have dry skin to begin with, eczema diagnosis aged 5 and had it ever since to varying degrees - treated with hydro-cortisone creams and prednisolone from time to time. It has been not too bad over the last 2/3 years. BUT I have noticed recently that the skin on my hands and wrist and lower arms too a bit, has become dry to the point my hands are starting to claw and it is difficult to stretch them out. The skin around the knuckles and joints is particularly bad. And ideas on relief for this? Bear
  5. Hi, Yes I will let others know how the stomach thing goes. There is a high incidence in my family history of stomach and bowel cancers so I will need to be tested for that genetic disposition I suspect but it is because of this I'm considering ALL my options. I see the gastroenterologist in August and I am fortunate to have a super consultant who has so far been very understanding and helpful. Might go join the pity party next time I have a difficult day!
  6. Hi there, I have been told I am suffering from a variety of malabsorption issues. Gluten has been ruled out now, so we're starting the journey on finding the specifics out. Although I have realised coffee and orange juice causes me problems and since cutting them out have been a lot better. I wasn't aware you could have a fructose malabsorption so am interested to see your post. I am sure I will be tested for that at some point. I also discovered some foods, e.g. raw onions, peppers, rhubarb, pineapple cause abdominal discomfort but have realised I can eat them in small portions an
  7. You guys are great! It is hard as I am discovering - I have several symptoms all of which are being treated at the same time and some are more severe than others. I have given up with people generally and I just say I'm okay if they ask how I am and then comment I hope that's what they want to hear! It's like you say, you come out of hospital after some treatment and the assumption is you are cured. But I did have a lift yesterday because I went for a blood test. I have been told because my veins keep collapsing I have to have blood taken by the senior practise nurse at my surgery. I h
  8. Hi - thanks for that. I think what I wanted from my doctor was a logical response - a way forward to coping with the symptoms of this disease and also the side effects caused by the medication. I don't expect her to understand what I'm going through but as a professional with a duty of care towards me as a patient I expect either suggestions of how to deal with things or a referral to someone else who can help me. One of the difficult things is every time I have some treatment or go to the hospital people think - oh you must be better now. It's quite difficult explaining the concept o
  9. Hi - I like the idea of any kind of party, as long as there is lots of ice cream! Had a really difficult appointment yesterday which has made things worse. I saw my general practitioner and explained some of the side effects of medication I'm on and how it is making other symptoms worse (in my opinion) - I didn't expect the following response - 'Well when you have a chronic long term illness it's easy to over-analyze every ache or pain you get and you even begin to imagine things that might not be there.' To which I responded - oh so this is all in my head then, the fact I have skin harde
  10. Hi there - (if this is in the wrong place, I apologise and please move it) - I wonder how people cope with some of the emotional backlash of this disease. I try and be positive but there are times - often at night when I can't sleep, I just dissolve and feel hopeless and useless and in pain and alone etc. I have a Mum who is a great support but she does not live with me - I live alone. So how do others cope at times when it really hits you and just knocks you for six?
  11. Thanks for that. My diet and next Gastroenterology appointment is 14th August. I am finding ways of relieving some of the symptoms already - I have cut off coffee (I drink espresso) and that has helped quite a lot. I have cut down on tea and switched to green tea. I don't drink alcohol so that isn't an issue. I have cut out orange juice and switched to apple or cranberry juice. That has made quite a big difference. I have also found that raw peppers, onions and tomatoes irritate me, which is a shame because I love salad but I can't really have them raw. But I can tolerate them coo
  12. I think I'm still happy - :emoticon-dont-know: I got the results from all my GI testing:- I have gastro-oesphagus refulx disease (which I had guessed) and there is some scarring in the gullet which is hardening and may need some treatment (stretching I guess) at some point. A few problems with my stomach and duodenum which can be treated with meds (more meds). Some inflammation in the bowel too which he (gastro doctor) says is ulcerative colitis. So few problems but seemingly treatable. I'm waiting to see a dietician - I'm keen to control as many symptoms as I can throu
  13. Hi Everyone! Thank you soooo much because what I learned here helped me on Monday and the Dr said I was a model patient :emoticons-line-dance: . I had the local throat spray for the endoscopy and sedation for the colonoscopy. Both procedures went fine and the endoscopy even without sedation was ok - no worse than visiting the dentist. Initial results were encouraging - some damage but not too bad. I have to go back in a couple of weeks for biopsies results. TIP - If you're having a preparation for bowel cleansing - a sip of clear lemonade held at the back of the mouth whilst you gulp
  14. Hi there - THANK YOU! so much for that ,it was so useful and I feel a bit better. I have my date now of Monday 20th May to go and have all my tests done so am nervous but feel a bit more encouraged that it will be ok. The hospital have agreed that my Mum can be there before and after and that will help me a lot. Jac x.
  15. Hi Judyt - It would be good to read how others cope with appointments, particularly the more invasive ones like endoscopies etc - it's a big forum, you couldn't link me could you an entry or place to find some helpful stuff? THANKS!
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