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  1. Good info! Thanks. I don't know if changing my diet would change my symptoms at all, but I can only imagine that cutting out alcohol and caffeine, both affect blood vessels, would help. Alcohol would be an easy cut but caffeine? Oy. I don't know if I am ready mentally to make a big change like cutting gluten or all sugars from my meals. I have been waiting over a month to see my rheumatologist, and that appt is next week. I will make sure to add DIET to my list of questions!!
  2. I've been reading many things recently about autoimmune diets. Scleroderma is never mentioned in the lists of diseases that are supposedly HELPED by these diets, but I am wondering if anyone here is on a special autoimmune diet? (Forgive me if I just can't find the posts about it) What can you eat/not eat? Do you feel it helps with your symptoms? Thanks in advance. :)
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome! My initial diagnosis came from my dermatologist, who ran my bloodwork after seeing my toes. She told me it was vasculitis, that I had these inflamed blood vessels in my toe tips. I was given clobetasol cream to help with the pain. The burning and redness in my fingers and toes after stress/cold seems to affect the whole digit and not just in patches. I read somewhere that it might just be mild Raynaud's (since I never see the blue) the beginning of it starting to get worse. It's hard not having answers when I keep coming up with more and more question
  4. Hi! I'm new to the CREST diagnosis (with HIGH positive ACA bloodwork). Still waiting to get into a rheumatologist, but I am so frustrated with my symptoms and hate being uncomfortable and in pain. It started with these weird red spots on the tips on my toes that HURT but would go away, then flare up in other spots. I still have those, now I am having finger troubles, too, with pain/heat (but not blue like Raynaud's) and swelling. Looking for some support from people that understand. :)
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