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  1. Thanks for your encouragement! Anxiously awaiting my appointment with my rheumatologist. It's great to get in touch with people who have sclero and still lead such fruitful lives.
  2. Hi everybody, I'm 19 years old, and a college student. For the past two and a half months or so, I've been having some pretty intense itching. If I remember it correctly, it started around the left armpit/breast/upper arm area just out of the blue around mid-Feb. Then, it became both breasts, though the left one more-so. It got to the point where I was so uncomfortable that I would come back from classes and fling all of my clothes off - bras were an enemy. At some point, I realized that I've been getting itchy everywhere. Hands and wrists were one of the first subsequent areas. The latest has been the stomach and back. After two months of itching, I've got little pock-marks on my skin from scratching. My mother gave me some anti-allergy medication over spring break, and that seemed to do the trick for a week or so. But then I came back to school, and they didn't seem to have much of an effect. Or if they did, the timespan the meds seemed to work was greatly shortened. I was very confused at that point, so I decided to go to one of the university health doctors. She said she couldn't figure out the itching, and decided to take a blood test. I was so sure it was scabies. My symptoms fit it to a T. But today, I just got the lab work back, and it says I tested 3.0 positive for SCL-70. I have made an appointment with a rheumatologist in two weeks. I am very scared. Do my symptoms seem to match sclero? If they do, do they seem to match the diffuse type? I can't make myself believe that I have this.
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