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  1. Oh, and another thing, I've recently dug up a few photos of my grandmother on my father's side. She had Crohn's disease, and from what I remember it's likely she had either CREST or scleroderma. Her hands became incredibly taut and shiny and she was eventually unable to knit any more. Also, she had many issues with skin thickening and her feet. I will try to add a photo to that album if I can scan it.
  2. Thank you miocean for your reply. I am going to attempt to post a couple photos of a few "symptoms." I've actually added them to an album on here, at this link. MSJESS Photos I have since noticed bumps, small bumps on my hands, some toward the bottom of my fingernail, and some on the inside of my finger towards the base. My hands and feet lately are insanely itchy, and I do wonder if this is part of a dermatitis that may be new for me. I also seem to get really itchy after sun exposure in general. I've been to my doctor but haven't brought up my concerns again - I really don't want to have to go back to the first rheumatologist I saw last year, as he was just incredibly rude. But, if this keeps up, I will push to have all my ANA test repeated for peace of mind. I really don't know if I should pursue this or the possibility that I have lupus again with the doctors. I'm just overall really frustrated by them all, and their lack of knowledge about autoimmunity.
  3. From the album Jess - no definite diagnosis

    Both feet are cracking at this time. No lotion is stopping this from continuing.
  4. From the album Jess - no definite diagnosis

    I've had these callouses forever. I wear comfy shoes (Crocs) and nothing rubs. I try creams but nothing seems to help.
  5. From the album Jess - no definite diagnosis

    Have just noticed some little tiny skin colored dots on my fingers. At the same time, hands (palms and fingers) and soles of feet are incredibly itchy, almost burning feeling.
  6. It's all good. I understand Shelley. The main concern I have at this time is that ANA and subsequent testing, which showed my anticentromere antibodies at 123 (I dug out the papers today; the range was 0-100), and whether these antibodies show in persons who do not have CREST. If they do, then I am happy to have that mystery resolved and I can worry about my two boys and their health instead of mine, ha. I am just still mystified at the whole ANA/antibodies testing and there are still concerns on my part as to whether I have lupus. Before that testing, I was just fine dealing with my myriad of bizarre health problems as they each appeared, but if some of them are part of a constellation that identifies a definite disease process going on, then I want to be aware of it and be proactive so that I can be around as long as possible. :) Again, thank you for your advice. It is helpful to be able to come here and learn a bit more about this autoimmune illness.
  7. Thank you all for the advice.
  8. One other thing, I've also this week re-started gluten free diet. Although I didn't test "positive" for celiac antibodies or on the biopsy, I know I felt much better when on gluten free two years ago. And I just noticed there are connections between gluten/celiac and also scleroderma and Hashimoto's. Very interesting.
  9. Thank you all for your responses. I have a doctors appointment set up for this week, but am not sure if I should address this issue. I feel like a hypochondriac sometimes, I have so many complaints about my health. My appointment this week is because I have orthostatic hypotension and sometimes black out upon standing. This month has been worse than others, so I am asking for a referral to a cardiologist. I also have had horrible luck with rheumatologists since my testing last year. The rheumatologist I first saw was incredibly rude, and I didn't have any better feelings about the second opinion. Both appointments I had to wait 4-6 months to even get in with them, because that specialty is so rare in my area. Since writing initially to you guys, I have noticed some callouses on the palm of my hand, which I am not sure where they came from. Also, I have many many callouses on my feet at the moment. Are extensive callouses (not related to hard physical work) a sign of scleroderma/Crest? I also have an unexplained bump on the outside of my right wrist, which has been there for about 5 months. When I showed the doctor a few months back she said it was probably just a ganglion cyst? Another thing, I have terrible carpal tunnel which first showed up in my mid-20s, and that was back when they first said I had fibromyalgia as well. All of this is just so overwhelming some days, I just deal with the symptoms and don't even bother mentioning them to my primary any more.