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  1. This would quite possibly be the worst time for you or anyone to get a tattoo haha, buy a sexy car, or hire a sexy gardener for the mid life crisis haha
  2. Oh and regarding how they feel about it in 10-20 years later, if they have remorse about getting it they obviously didn't take enough time to think it through; if you decide to get a tattoo and one of the things you're worried about is the future and how you'll like it, then don't get it. And the argument "how will it look when you're 60" is easily answered by "please remind me how good you'll look when you're 60", everyone ages differently. No one will be perfectly smooth unblotched and prestine when they are old. Sorry for the many replies I have to use my phone and it's not the best for ke
  3. I understand what you are saying trying to reproduce the meaning of the tattoo in other ways but the main point to my post was that, it felt that, the majority or comments held the undertones that tattoos were bad: period. And when I mentioned religious tattoos I meant more like the Maori people who use facial tattoos everyday in their social constructions to know where they belonged to and what they done, etc. And some people as I said, take this as a lifestyle, it's not just going and getting a tattoo because it means something; I have three tattoos and only one of them have any specific mea
  4. Hello everyone I hope you are all good. As the topic header suggests I am new here and new to Morphea. My story, I'm 24, from UK and female, I was diagnosed with Morphea two years ago after being scared to go to my general practitioner for almost two years prior to my diagnosis in fear of cancer and my first show was on my chest below my collar bone. I had no idea what was going on in my life at that time and was going through some pretty turbulent stuff so I put the strange 'bit' to the back of my head until one day I figured I had best get it checked. So I did just that; I had the usual wa
  5. Tattoos are far more than just fitting in with a crowd, which is quite commonplace in this thread, for some its a lifestyle others part of their belief system, etc. that scrapbooking and putting on a pretty piece of jewelry just cannot replace. I just want to take a few lines to say as a tattoo enthusiast, and a sufferer of morphea, I am a bit taken a back by the general undertones of tattoos are bad and it seems to me that people who wrote this regard tattoos to be bad point regardless of sclero. With having a nice big tattoo remorse link. I understand the complications people may now
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