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  1. Thanks Jo, for your advice. It's just so frustrating, like one of the members said before either you do have it or you don't. So why do doctors place so much importance in the blood tests, if clinical symptoms aren't apparent. They contradict themselves, and instead, patients live in fear wondering am I okay, am I not okay, am I going to get sick, or is it just one of those flukes? You all have been a blessing!
  2. Thank you Judy T and Joelf. I have to admit, yesterday was the toughest day ever. Sometimes I wonder, if that test had never been done, we wouldn't know anything because no symptoms were present. I have to internalize the fact that the diagnosis is based not only on your ANA but symptoms. I'm curious if there are many out there who test positive with the ANA SCL70 but exhibit no symptoms throughout the course of many years? I guess I am looking for the light here, a good thing to come out of this? Are there many out there who test positive for years and years and are relatively healthy?
  3. I too have tested positive for ANA SCL-70 and have no symptoms of an autoimmune disease. I'm looking for people that are in my situation. I have stressed over this all day, and can't think straight. Only thing I can defer from this is that the test is not diagnostic. My doctor advised me to see a rheumatologist, and suggested that patients suffering from autoimmune disease test negative on their ANA. Any advice from the forum is greatly appreciated. I forgot to mention that a year ago, I had my complete thyroid removed due to two microscopic cancer cells, and subsequently my blood work shows antibodies. At times it is as if the further they dig the more they find with no answers, but stressing me out.
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