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  1. Thanks for the welcome and for all the info Jo. I will go have a look at some of the pages here for sure. You are so right in that in a lot of these kinds of diseases symptoms often mimic each other. I WILL try to be more patient although it is not a strong suit for me. LOL! I hope you have a great day Jo. Happy to have found you all.
  2. Thanks msjess. Terribly sorry that you are still in limboland as well. I hope everything will come back clear for you. Have you seen a rheumatologist yet? Thanks for the link, I will go have a look at it. And yes, I will take all my labs and a symptoms list with me to any new appointments. Happy to have found you all. Hugs.
  3. Thanks for your reply Shelley and for your helpful information. I am coming to see that it will take some time to figure out what's going on so for now I will take my latest labs and a symptom list with me to any new dr's. Thank you so much for the welcome, and while I am terrified and frustrated I am really happy that I found such a wonderful place to come to. Have a great day.
  4. Hi Everybody, I have not been diagnosed yet, I am new here, this is my first post. I am female and 40 years old. I haven't felt well for several years. Extreme fatigue has been a constant. After 3 miscarriages in a row I finally had a healthy boy 2 years ago. Then last summer I started getting sore hip joints. A constant achy feeling. Dry red eyes and throat soon followed. My husband thought it was pink eye. After a few months of the dry eyes I saw an opthalmologist. He gave me eye drops. Went to primary care physician, told these symptoms were nothing. In April of this year I noticed my pointer finger joint closest to my fingernail was very sore. Thought maybe I hurt it somehow. I was also having difficulty picking up small things like popcorn. Then one day I noticed a red flat rash at the nape of my neck so off I went to the dermatologist. She told me my rash was a birthmark. I told her it is not a birthmark. I mentioned the sore finger joint and I asked if she could run some blood work. I was thinking maybe this was Lupus. She didn't want to run tests but I insisted. My ANA came back 1:160 positive nucleolar. My ENA including SCL-70 was negative. My RA factor came back at 14 which is indeterminate. CCP negative. CRP negative. My neutrophils and my WBC are way below normal though. I called my doctor for those results and she said everything was normal. But I didn't feel normal. In June both PIP pinky finger joints became red and swollen. I also started getting all over body tingling. By July food started getting stuck in my throat. My shoulder blade/upper arms have gotten really weak too and I can barely keep my arms up for long. I am also noticing my toes feel different. Sore when I stand up. My hands and feet and nose have been cold for several years although I do not notice color changes. Over the past 2 weeks I notice my face feels tighter and my skin has become dry. I have never had dry skin before. I also notice that over the joints on my toes the skin has become hard and dry looking. Back to my primary care physician I went last week. I told her of the new progression of symptoms. She said that lots of people have a positive ANA and are healthy. I flat out asked her what she thought this could be and she barked at me and said that she had no idea because I have too much going on with me! I told her that a positive ANA would not concern me too much except that I AM having symptoms. It was at that point that I asked for a referral to a rheumatologist. I am also going to be looking around for a new family doctor. I just wanted to come on here and introduce myself. I am from Vancouver BC Canada. I am terrified of a diagnosis but I know that whatever is happening is happening fast. If anyone has any advice on what I should be doing or asking at the rheumatologist I would really appreciate it. Hugs.
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