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  1. Hello Thank you for your replies! I am sorry you have so many different forms, Amanda you sound a very brave lady :) It is nice to be able to talk to other people who understand what you have. I find it really difficult to explain as most people don't understand the disease! Although I guess so far I am quite lucky in that I only hopefully have morphea. I am not sure what I have still! Last time I had it I was definitely told it was linear morphea this time it just says morphea on my prescription! I will have to ask more questions next time I go although I always think of ques
  2. Hello I have been diagnosed after a biopsy with Linear Morphea. It started in my upper right thigh around ten years ago when I was about 35. I had light therapy and dovonex (calcipotriol hydrate) creams and was subsequently told that I was lucky as I was cured. The illness has recently returned below my knee at the front and side of my leg and oddly has been significantly more painful, I.e. burning and aching? I also have a slight indent on my calf muscle which I have been told will be a permanent scar. The morphea above my knee did not affect me at all so I was unconcerned about it.
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