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    Advice re Linear Morphea

    Hello Thank you for your replies! I am sorry you have so many different forms, Amanda you sound a very brave lady :) It is nice to be able to talk to other people who understand what you have. I find it really difficult to explain as most people don't understand the disease! Although I guess so far I am quite lucky in that I only hopefully have morphea. I am not sure what I have still! Last time I had it I was definitely told it was linear morphea this time it just says morphea on my prescription! I will have to ask more questions next time I go although I always think of questions after the appointment! I am hoping it does not spread anymore, I am certain stress has caused the flare up again as I had an extremely stressful 12 months which seems to be the case for other people on the forum. I will keep posting with any updates I get, and thanks again for listening, it does help. Angela x
  2. AngelaN

    Advice re Linear Morphea

    Hello I have been diagnosed after a biopsy with Linear Morphea. It started in my upper right thigh around ten years ago when I was about 35. I had light therapy and dovonex (calcipotriol hydrate) creams and was subsequently told that I was lucky as I was cured. The illness has recently returned below my knee at the front and side of my leg and oddly has been significantly more painful, I.e. burning and aching? I also have a slight indent on my calf muscle which I have been told will be a permanent scar. The morphea above my knee did not affect me at all so I was unconcerned about it. The pain has stopped in the main and I have been to see Dr Sheehan at Chapel Allerton Leeds who has recommended dovonex ointment and light therapy treatment. I do also have a faint patch on my hip which is barely noticeable and again has never bothered me at all. I am very worried about this new bout, below my knee and having read lots of stories on the internet and am trying to put it into context as I am not sure if I am worrying too much seeing as there is nearly a ten year gap between the disease burning out and then restarting. Does anyone have any similar experiences? The scarring etc doesn't really bother too much its more not really understanding how serious this is and what the long term prognosis is. Having read other peoples experiences there does seem to be some improvement with dovonex ointment and light therapy. Angela