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  1. Hi, I'm new to the forum. I'm finding comfort in reading your stories, but still have confusion with my lack of diagnosis. I originally went in with complaints of swollen hands and feet, numbness in arms, hands, feet, and pain. I couldn't sleep at night and woke up 6-20 times to walk it off. For the last few weeks I started having significant muscle pain all over and what feels like friction rub in my tendons around my knees. It's very difficult to stand up, climb stairs, or move muscles after rest. On blood work they found high ANA and scl 70 (elevated LFTs and other issues). My doctor says I'm not manifesting the classic symptoms. I have hand and foot swelling, but no skin thickening sclerodactyly. My fingers are very dry and itchy when they're swollen. I noticed some nail fold capillary markings. My EKG, echo, EMG, and PFTs are all normal....so seems no systemic involvement. I'm not sure If I have Raynaud's. I have cold intolerance - fingers/toes are ALWAYS freezing cold and hurt if I don't warm them up - but they've rarely turned blue. Doc will monitor me over the year. He's not being very clear if I have Ssc or not, and it's impossible to know how to proceed with life when I don't know what my prognosis is. I'd immediately feel better if I had no symptoms even after testing positive, but I definitely have symptoms! :(
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