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  1. Mine have been off for a year. My husband was questioning me about it and at first I didn't want to tell him my fingers, besides the one with the ulcer, were swelling. I still dont have a diagnosis, but Im okay for now.
  2. My experience with weight training is severe pain. I think our muscles are affected more so than others or we experience the pain from weight training at a more severe degree. Even leg lifts and standing up and doing the push ups off the wall make me so sore. I have to take exercise really slow or I get so sore I can't do them regularly.
  3. My only diagnosis right now have been fibro and endometriosis. I have flares of the fibro and my doctor recommended light aerobic exercise and stretching, but he warned against too much exercise or weight training. I take anti depressants and believe they do help with the fibro. He has prescribed me muscle relaxers in the past during flares, but I dont find them helpful.
  4. I was finishing my bachelors degree when my weird symptoms started. A masters program in counseling was being offered this year at the branch where I attend. Usually this program is only offered at a campus over an hour away. This program will only be available at my local campus now so I had to make a quick choice on whether or not to apply. I went ahead and applied and thought "I will just take it as it comes." I was admitted and I have just finished my first quarter. If I dont keep going, Im afraid I will become a victim of depression. My motivating phrase is "I will make it to the moon if I have to crawl." That can be taken figuratively or literally. Go for what you want. We may have to accomplish things a little slower, but just keep going!!!!!!!!! Also, a masters degree will allow us more choices in employment and also more opportunities for part-time with great pay.
  5. Bactrim can cause a condition where your skin gets really irritated and blisters. It is rare, but it sounds like you are having some type of reaction. My son kept breaking out mildly from penicillen and the doctors kept saying its okay and he ended up having a severe reaction and had to be hospitalized and urinated blood! No permanent damage, but no more penicillen either!!
  6. I am also a sun lover and unfortunately I am a redhead!! What about skin involvment? doesn't some kind of UV rays help with this? Are the rays the same as the suns rays and tanning beds?
  7. I forgot to mention I was on 10mg Lexapro and my insurance company is refusing to pay for it now so I have recently switched to Celexa and boy is it making my fatigue worse. These meds may make it worse anyway, but the switch is screwing with me.
  8. I have not been diagnosed with sclero, but I do have fibromyalgia so muscle pain is an everday event for me. I once woke up with such severe pain in my right shoulder I could not lift out of bed. I had to turn over slowly and push myself up with my left arm. It continued for 2 months. My doctor gave me Keflex which did not help. I have a bunch of little red dots and marks on my arms and chest area which occurred recently. My dermatologist told me they are normal for fair skinned people who get too much sun exposure. Sometimes they seem worse than others. Like they flare up or something. Fatigue is very common with sclero and other auto immune disorders.
  9. Fatigue seems to be one symptom that is consistent with us. It makes you wonder what our bodies are fighting or going through to be so tired. I take vitamins and supplements which seem to help somewhat, but I can lay down at any hour and go to sleep, no problem. Sometimes Im a walking zombie. I have not yet been diagnosed with slero, but have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and endometriosis.
  10. I have not been diagnosed, but had an ulcer for 9 months. I tried a zillion things including honey. It did not heal until I stopped taking penicillen for the infection that developed and took two rounds of bactrim.
  11. My husband is a cement finisher and has been for 18 years. Our vehicles always have cement dust in them and his work clothes rot quickly because of it.
  12. I visited an orthopedic doctor yesterday. He thought the healing of my ulcer looks good and did a few xrays of my hand. He said the bone is not damaged. From my history of taking penicillen and the wound not healing fully until I was prescribed bactrim, he assumes it was a persistent infection probably staff or MRSA that was not treated correctly. He wants me to get an MRI to be fully sure there is no lingering bone infection. He did ask me if there is a history of Sclero or Lupus in my family. I have not been tested for these and there is no history, but my next stop is going to be a rheumatologist. I may cancel my dermatologist appt. because I dont want him doing a biopsy since it is finally closed and healing.
  13. Hey, does anyone know of a good one around Southern Ohio? Columbus or Portsmouth area if possible? There are none listed in my local phone book. Thanks!!!!
  14. I have no diagnosis right now. My dermatologist thinks it was just an incorrectly treated infection at this point. I dont agree. So what about the bone damage? Has anyone had this problem? How is it treated? I plan to start visiting a doctor a week to get some kind of answers.
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