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  1. Thank you, Shelley! I wish I could find that abstract. That is very interesting. So I guess it would be possible for me to have RP and capillary changes but never develop a full blown CTD. The only other thing I can hope is that if this is something bad, that since my symptoms are minimal at this point that it is in the 'early' stages. Has anyone ever looked at their capillaries using a magnifying glass or, like me, a phone app? Any idea how mine compare? The pics are in my comment previous to this one. And Amanda Thorpe, thank you for the support! I appreciate the info everyone has
  2. Hi Judy, Thank you for the help. That's interesting that it only took a year or so for your cuticles to go funky. I wish I could remember how long mine have been weird. And I guess that is good that just because my mom has a CTD that doesn't mean I will get one (although I wish she didn't have one at all). Joelf, thank you also for the links! They are very helpful. I have read that since I developed Raynaud's at a young age I shouldn't be at a risk for connective tissue disease but I am confused why I have bleeds in my nailfolds... Also, I apparently didn't read the instructions right
  3. Thank you for the help! I forgot to mention that I may have telangiectases on my face but I also have rocasea which leaves my face continually red and with dots and pimples and broken blood vessels. I am going to my moms rheumatologist so I think he will be good to me! How long did you have the Raynaud's before you noticed the funky cuticles? Also why does sclero change your cuticles? I don't totally understand it!
  4. Hello! I am looking to gather as much info as possible. I recently discovered that I have an issue with the skin around my fingernails, and everywhere I look brings me to info about scleroderma. I'm not saying I have scleroderma, but I was hoping maybe someone could just clue me in. I would really appreciate it. I'm a relatively healthy just-about 24 year old, who has had primary Raynaud's for 15 years. My mother has lupus--not sure if that is relevant but figured I'd mention it. For a while now (years maybe?) I have had slightly-red, shiny lumps around my finger nails that seem to become wo
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