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  1. Hi, thought I'd just give a quick update. My wife's now home but been back to hospital for a week suffering from pneumonia. She seems to pick up chest infections quite easily, she's not on any auto immune system treatment yet but she has an appointment soon with her rheumatologist; in the mean time she has been put on 15mg of steroids daily. We are waiting for an appointment at a transplant centre for her to be assessed for a heart lung transplant because the iloprost will only work for a unknown amount of time. Hopefully things will settle down soon and we can look forward to spending a n
  2. Hi Just another quick update. My wife is responding very well to the treatment she is on intravenous iloprost, when discharged from hospital she will need to have this infused 24/7 by means of a small pump that will be permanently connected to a hick line. She has right heart failure caused by the PAH and is very lucky to be alive. Thanks for all your replies and I will certainly be complaining about the treatment she received in A & E, particularly about the consultant at the Royal Blackburn Hospital who noted she had unusual liver results and still sent her home with a stomach bu
  3. Hi My wife now has a definitive diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension, the enlargement of her heart caused her liver to fail. The treatment so far has got her liver making a recovery and she is on drugs to decrease the pressure in her lungs. She is in a specialist liver unit and today she is being transferred to one of the 3 specialist heart units in the UK, the Dr's there have very specialised skills and know a lot about treating scleroderma patients. Obviously when my wife was first diagnosed we read a lot about the illness and this was the one complication we hoped would never happen. We a
  4. Hi, This is just a very quick update, I'll give you details at a later time when things have settled. My wife lost consciousness and was found to be suffering from liver failure. I'll update at a later point, she has been transferred to a specialist liver unit and is so far responding well. Thanks for your replies.
  5. Hi My wife suffers from Scleroderma, Raynaud's and Polymyositis. She is 24 and was diagnosed 7 years ago, since then we have gone on to have two children now aged 5 and 22 months. Her symptoms were under control and she only needed to see her Rheumatologist every 6 months but after the birth of our 2nd child things have spiraled out of control. She now needs a wheel chair because she gets breathless after walking a short distance, her Raynaud's has got much worse to the point that she has constantly blue feet and hands. She also has suspected heart involvement, she is now having to
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