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  1. So I saw my doctor Thursday, he didn't seemed concerned over the indent line on my forehead. He says we have a sinus there and he thinks it is just where my vein is. But he couldn't tell me why it was indented and didn't think it seemed weird that my right side cheek has some fat loss. He said the indent on forehead is normal and has seen it before, if it was Scleroderma it would be hardened skin which mine is not. Do I need a second opinion?
  2. So sorry I didn't update sooner, I can to reschedule my doctors appointment but it is today at 2. So I will update tonight on what he says :)
  3. Thank you guys, my doctor's appointment is in 2 days. I also noticed another indent that I can just feel going horizontal from the ending of my right eye brow into my hairline. I also have a cheek indent that is barely noticable on my right side, my right eye aches sometimes. I didn't think En Coup De Sabre extended down past your eye but Parry Romberg does. What's bad is we relocated to Ohio for a job for my husband, now that job isn't looking too steady and we might be moving back to California in a month or two. So I will have to find a new doctor when we move. I just hope this doctor c
  4. Just figured out how to get a picture on here, hehe. Here is the best pic of my forehead I could get.
  5. So my life has been hectic, we moved across the country 6 months ago and are trying to adjust to the new place. I think my indentation line on my forehead started before we moved, it was barely apparent. I think it is becoming more apparent and I tried to take the best picture I could. It comes across from my hairline to the start of my right eyebrow. You can really only see it at a certain angle and in certain light. I have no other symptoms other than my right eye aches sometimes but not too bad. I am going to make a doctor appointment for my physical exam and bring it up then. Is it likely
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