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  1. Thanks, Jeannie! I really appreciate your perspective!
  2. Hi Miocean! Thanks for sharing your story. My surgeon indicated that the abnormal manometry was not a concern, I guess because in my case it's still not too severe. However, my GI is concerned that the wrap could make it worse. To me, I think it's still worth it to pursue the surgery since there's a chance it could eliminate my severe reflux. I take Dexilant, Ranitidine, Lansoprazole and Gaviscon every day, have modified my diet, and yet I still have severe symptoms throughout the day and that wake me up in the middle of the night. My surgery is not until August, but I'm still very n
  3. Hello all! Just got back from a follow up with my GI wherein he was very realistic about setting expectations. He noted that my upcoming Nissen Fundoplication is unlikely to improve my esophageal dysmotility, and may even make it worse. This is information I've been aware of from my research. I'm also aware that motility is likely to just get worse over time anyways, and I'm prepared for that eventuality. Keeping in mind that I am still in the process of pursuing a diagnosis (my rheumatologist suspects Scleroderma and I go back next week for results of bloodwork) I do understand that m
  4. Thanks, Judy! I am kind of hoping for that hallelujah moment of my own! I go back in a few weeks for a follow up, and hopefully the bloodwork results will show something that will give us a lead. This is feeling like such a very long wait already!
  5. Thank you so much for the welcome, and thanks for the links to more information! I'm trying to be very pragmatic, as I understand there's so much variability in symptoms and diagnosis is more a matter of exclusion. This is the first time I'm actually seeing a rheumatologist, as opposed to my general practitioner, cardiologist, neurologist, or gastroenterologist so it's very tempting to want to feel like this is the opportunity to find the "grand unified theory" of my medical issues! I find myself in the strange position of hoping that they find something that would explain it all, ra
  6. Hello all! I'm in the process of being evaluated for autoimmune/collagen tissue disorder issues and I'm looking for any guidance or words of wisdom from those who may have experienced a long and trying journey to diagnosis. I'm seeing a rheumatologist that specializes in scleroderma, and I'm awaiting some blood work that may point us in that direction. They are also testing for lupus and checking my liver and kidney values. My medical history in a nutshell: I've spent the last 10 years bouncing around to different specialists. I have symptoms and diagnosis that run the gamut of bodil
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