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    Painful Joints

    Thanks for the info Barefut, Carrie and Barbara! I'm going to ask about the Lidocane patches. I like that idea. I'm also going to try a heating pad. Icing it down scares me because I have Raynaud's too. I'm sure I'd go straight into an attack. (Another quick ?.....I have the Nitro-bid ointment given to me for my digital ulcer. It's almost gone and has been that way for months. How many times a day should I put putting in on my hands. Currently I'm doing it once a day all over my hands. I've read that some people get headaches from it. I would love to avoid that, but on the other hand would love to see this finally go away. I've had this since 10-06) Have a fantastic Day!
  2. Michelle2

    Please add yourself....

    YAY! I finally got something to work for me!!!!! Now that's progress! :rolleyes:
  3. Michelle2

    Good Days + Bad Days

    Happy Birthday Peanut! I haven't experienced that except when I have the flu. I hope you find the answer your looking for. Have a great time visiting with your best friend!
  4. Michelle2

    Your Own Medical Info Card

    It worked just fine for me. It's a great idea! I printed it off and now keep it with my insurance and driver license. Thanks Lisa!
  5. Michelle2

    IVIG Infusion Therapy Denied

    Ohhhhhhhh I'm sorry to hear that....I'm sure it's more than frustrating. Our shoulders are all here for you! Best of luck with the appeal!
  6. Michelle2

    To all who have Limited/Crest

    Hi~ I have Limited and currently don't have either. I haven't heard anything that supports that it goes along with either of those.
  7. Michelle2


    Hello there~ I've been on Plaquenil for about a year now. I haven't noticed any side effect but I was told to make sure that I get an eye exam every year. I have my yearly eye exam at the end of the month. I really haven't noticed anything different with my vision.
  8. Michelle2

    Spotty Face

    Welcome catherinechaosm~ You've come to the right place. I personally haven't had this happen to me, but I have read about this happening to others. I know that someone will be able to give you some insight about it. Just know that your not going thru this alone!
  9. Michelle2

    I'm a newbie!

    Hi Sadie! Welcome aboard! Glad you found us!!!!
  10. Michelle2


    She is just the cutest little thing! What kind of doggie is she? She is just so cute, you just want to eat her up! Thanks for sharing Sweet!
  11. Michelle2

    I'm so confused!

    Help!!!! I am now back to being almost as confused as I was in the beginning of this whole ordeal. Let me begin by saying that I just recently went to my new dermatologist who asked me to bring in a copy of my recent blood work to my next visit. Well, that was easy since I just had it done one month prior. I walked into the office with reports in hand and he looked them over and said that everything looks good but that he doesn't think I have Scleroderma. I do have a positive ANA but tested negative for scleroderma. He told me that he thinks that I have a mixed connective tissue disease. Now this is the second dermatologist that's told me that. My rheumatologist said that he believes that I have limited Scleroderma and is in the process of getting a referral to UCLA to the Scleroderma Specialist. I am also in the process to get a lung test, lung x-ray, barium swallow test so that we have a baseline to start from and to make sure that I don't have anything else going on. So far, I only have involvements in my hands. The skin is very tight and thick and my fingers are quite swollen. The dermatologist gave me Cortisone shots the last two times I was there and actually I have noticed a change in my hands. I can really see and feel the difference with the cortisone. I've also been on Methotrexate for a little over a month and haven't noticed any benefit from this. Does it take a few months to see any changes from this drug? Sometimes I feel like I am right back to square one. Why is this so hard to figure out?? :huh: Thanks for your help!
  12. I'm sorry that your going thru a difficult time right now. Try to focus on your inner strengths. I hope things work out for you.
  13. Michelle2

    I'm so confused!

    Thank you Margaret and Kamlesh, I really appreciate you input. It just seems to be much easier to deal with something when you can attach a "label" to it. As far as the medication Methotrexate goes, does anyone have any input on it. What am I changes should I be expecting? After reading the about it and the side effects......It sounds kinda harsh. I haven't noticed anything yet. Thanks again! ;)
  14. Thanks so much for helping out in the study. All of us need more people like you willing to take a chance. Best wishes to you!
  15. Michelle2

    In Loving Memory of Sherrill Knaggs

    I too am very sorry and sad at the news of Sherrill passing. She was such an inspirations to many. She will be missed by all. My thoughts go to her family and friends.
  16. Michelle2

    It's a Boy !

    Oh Tru! I so happy to hear about your newest member of your family. He sounds perfect. I'm sure he was chosen especially for you by your Tru Blue from above.
  17. Michelle2

    3 more days to go....

    Wow great idea with breaking your medical history records down in categories. I am going to try that for myself thanks again, Fictionite Yes, Karen write down EVERYTHING! Nothing is too petty. Keep us posted!
  18. Michelle2

    Welcome all newbies!

    Welcome Newbies~ We are glad you found us. We are a great group that shares our thought, experiences and trials. We have a lot of compassion and show tremendous caring. Please don't be shy, no question, comment or concern is silly. Just remember "your" not alone. Hugs to all!
  19. Michelle2

    To all my dear friends on this forum

    I am so sorry to hear that Tru blue has passed. My hear aches for you. As I sit here blubbering, I can totally relate. My own baby passed 5 years ago and she, just like Tru let herself go right after I made the decision to put her down. I am so glad that I didn't have to actually go thru with it. Our fur babies are such an important part of our family and give so much with such little in return. I really hope you are doing well and may you keep your special memories close to your heart. Just remember he is waiting for you at the rainbow bridge. Lots of hugs,
  20. Michelle2


    Hello there and welcome to the forum. I would definately ask to see a Rheumatologist and a specialist in Scleroderma. Like Mary said, it can't possibly hurt. I also agree to that catching this early is the best way to keep on top of this disease. It's really important to have a really good rapport with your dr, so if your not feeling the connection, I would definately change primary care physician right away. Please keep us posted in your journey.
  21. Michelle2

    I swore I wasn't going to cry

    Oh Tru this brings tears to my eyes. I'm sorry to hear about Truman and I hope he put's thru this. I know the love of a pet can be so strong. After all they are your "Fur Babies" and having to let go is one of the hardest things in life to go thru. Kiss and hold your baby as long as you can. May your wonderful memories bring you thru this difficult time. My thought are with you and Tru Blue. Lots of hugs to you! :(
  22. Michelle2

    i'm going to berlin on tuesday!

    Hi Emmi~ Wow 5 languages, that's very impressive. I wish I could be bilingual. Well, it sounds like you are having a blast. I hope you continue your vacation. Live like there's no tomorrow! :P
  23. I have just recently prscribed this medicine. I just wanted to say thank you to the ones who suggested me to break up the pills thoughout the day. Boy, that made all the difference in the world. I am good as new. I feel great. My dr prescribed the folic acid and told me it was because it was depleted from the methotrexate. I have printed out this article and plan to bring it in with me on my next visit. Thanks Janie for bringing this to our attention.
  24. Michelle2

    Painful ulcers on fingers

    Hi Phyllis~ Welcome aboard with big hugs from all of us. You found the right place we are all here for you. I've had painful digital ulcers on my fingers as well. I know that they are sooooo painful. At one point I just wanted to get the tip on my finger removed. (Not that I would actually do that, but the pain was so great I was just desperate for some relief. I was given the Nitro cream and that seemed to do the trick. I had my ulcer for well over a year. I did develope scar tissue from it which helped reduce the pain I was having. We all feel for you. I am really glad that you found a new dr. THIS IS NOT IN YOUR HEAD. THIS IS REAL! Make you you keep us today with your dr's appt.
  25. Michelle2

    liver scan

    Wonderful news Lynn! Great way to start spring off! have a great weekend!