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  1. Michelle2

    Sherrill Knaggs: ISN Senior Artist

    Congrats Sherrill! you do awesome work! Thanks for all that you do!
  2. Michelle2


    HI Jaxs~ I too have a cronic cough. People at my work say it sounds like a smokers cough. (I don't smoke and never have) I had this problem for over 5 years and it typically only in the mornings until my lungs clear. I'm not sure if its milk related. I don't drink milk but I love cheese and eat very small amounts of other milk products. It's gotten to the point that I am going to bring it up at my next dr's appt. I haven't a clue if its illness related. have a great weekend
  3. Michelle2

    So Depressed Today

    HI TRU! I wanted to say Hi and how proud I am of you to have been able to got without cigarettes. I hope the medicine get's straighten out and you'll be able to eat normally very soon.
  4. Michelle2


    Mel~ Best wishes out to you. I hope you do "enjoy" this test and may it turn out just how you wish it too. Will be thinking of you!
  5. Michelle2

    Scleroderma on Discovery Health Channel

    Thanks for the info, I checked the Discovery Health channel on the net and on Sunday it is playing again at 11:00am. So you'll need to check with your local line up to see which channel its onin your area.
  6. Michelle2

    Side effects of acid reflex medications

    Wow, now that is something to look into. I've never heard anything like that before, but I did see something on the show House about acid reflux med's interferring with digestion. :unsure: I'll have to put my feelers out and see if I can come up with something.
  7. Michelle2

    Esophagus motility

    Welcome Lisa! I'm so glad you found us. There are so many wonderful friends here that you will come to know. It's so nice to finally know that your not alone in this battle. Just remember there is always someone here to talk too.
  8. Michelle2

    weird hair growth

    I find it so hard to hold the razor in my hands these days. What I would do to slow down the growth of the hair on my body. Body hair, "What a bummer!" and not to mention so unlady luck! :blink: (but of course, not to make like of the issue)
  9. Michelle2

    Buzz Buzz Buzz

    Oh Peanut, you always put a smile on my face! Your friends seem so nice and how thoughtful to through you a Chicago Party. I'm really excited to see how everything turns out for you in Chicago. You are such a trooper and a huge influence to many on the forum. Thanks for alway's being a breath of fresh air!
  10. Michelle2

    My sister in Law is Pregnant

    Hi Rosa~ What your feeling is perfectly normal and it's OK for you to be feeling this way. Take this time for yourself your not being selfish. Talk with your dr's. They may still be hope. Also, there is always the option of adoption. Keep you faith!
  11. Michelle2

    My album

    OHHHHHHH loved your picture's. Thanks for sharing! Your babies are adorable and so you your man!
  12. Michelle2

    We are moving

    Hi Jen~ Wow that is exciting news. I'm excited for you and your family. And to think that I was worrying about moving to N.C. from Ca. What a great adventure your in store for. I wish you all the best in your move. I'm sure your babies will do just fine just as long as they have their mommy close by.
  13. Michelle2


    I take 20 mg per week. I took my weekly dosage yesterday and broke up the dose. I took 2 pills every 2 hrs until they were gone. YAY, I had no problems what so ever. I also left out the folic acid and took that today. I can't believe the difference it made. Thanks again for all your help!
  14. Michelle2


    Hi everyone~ I've been absent from the forum for a week or so, time just got away with me. Hope everyone is doing well. I just started methotrexate on this week for the first time. I waited to get the Super Bowl over and done with since you can't have ANY alcohol when using this medicine. Boy, I'll miss my nightly glass of wine. Well anywho, I just wanted to know if anyone else experienced this when first taking this medicine. I started my methotrexate on Tuesday.I was sooooooo sick all day long including the night. I wasn't able to sleep a wink. I took all 8 tablets in the morning and felt the sickest I have ever felt in my life. I was soooo nauseated all day long. I couldn't bring myself to eat or drink anything all day and even at night. It was HORRIBLE! I just couldn't shake it until the following day. I feel completely normal now. I talked to the dermatologist about it and he told me to break it up thoughout the day. So hopefully next week will be better. How did any of you react? I wasn't tired at all, if anything I couldn't sleep which made my sick feeling even worse. On the positive side of things....on wednesday my hands didn't feel as swollen as they usually do. So that's a good thing. I just wanted to let you all know that I started out with a new dermatologist along with my newer rheumatologist and boy does it make a difference when you find someone you click with. I finally feel like I'm going in the right direction with my illness. I don't feel so in the dark and afraid of the unknown. They are both so informative and proactive. It is such a relief to feel like there are people who really listen and care about you. Have a great day!
  15. Michelle2


    Thanks so much for the information Janey and Shelley. Infact I did take the folic acid at the same time. My dr didn't tell me otherwise. I'll try it differently this weekend. Thanks again! Have a great weekend!
  16. Michelle2

    Nitro-bid and ulcers

    Wow that's great info! I've been using this for awhile now and wondering why I'm not getting any better. I just chalked it up to not using it enough. I'll give this a try right now! thanks again!
  17. Michelle2

    Hi All

    Hi Jane~ Thanks for stopping in and saying hello. Don't be such a stranger. Remember we're all here for you. You're not alone. Make sure to let us know how your dermatologist appt goes. big hugs!
  18. Michelle2

    pins and needles

    I've had this happen before as well. I think I pinched something while I was sleeping. Boy it sure is a weird feeling though. I haven't had it lately. If you continue to experience this be sure to tell you dr about it. keep warm!
  19. Michelle2

    Itchy Skin

    Hi there~ I too have really itchy skin. I was thinking it was just me or maybe all the med that I take. I do bathe every day and love the water hot. I've read that this dries out the skin, but it feels soooo good. I lather on tons of lotions and use moisturising body soaps. But, I'm still really itchy. I too will have to try some of the advise give before me.
  20. Michelle2

    I Have The Flu

    Hi Sam~ So glad your feeling better. Boy, you sure have had a hard few months. Well spring is on the way, maybe with all the beautiful flower blooming you'll feel much better and you'll be able to get out and enjoy yourself. take care sweetie!
  21. Michelle2

    New Here

    Hi Suzette~ Welcome and I'm glad you found us. We are a very supportive and loving group. Please visit regularly your not alone! big hugs!
  22. Michelle2

    Rheumy Update

    Thanks for the update. I sure hope your able to get in the the cardo appt quickly so it can ease your concerns. Best Wishes!
  23. Michelle2

    Mri Today

    Good luck Sam~ Hope all goes well today. Make sure you bundle up and make some hot chocolate to take along to keep your inside warm as well. I'll keep you in my thought, you certainly need to get to the bottom of your chronic pain issue. Good luck! Warm Hugs
  24. Michelle2

    Started Exercising

    I agree as well. 1 hour to start is way too much. Take it easy and work up to it.
  25. Michelle2

    Stem Cell Transplant Update

    Congrats Peanut! I am so happy to hear the news. You're a breath of fresh air for so many of us. It's wonderful that things have turned around for you.