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  1. Michelle2

    Nerve Conduction Test Results

    Hi Jesue~ What is a trigger thumb?
  2. Michelle2


    Hi there~ I take it and it took three month's before I notice even the slightest changes. I hope it works faster and better for you.
  3. Michelle2

    (update) Kathy Baker: Crest

    Thank you for updating us. Kathie is a very strong woman and my heart goes out to her. I am so glad to hear that it has final healed and she is off all pain meds. Best wishes to you, Kathie
  4. Michelle2

    Started Light Therapy Today!

    Thanks for the detailed info.
  5. Michelle2

    Started Light Therapy Today!

    Hi Denielle~ What is the light therapy for? Is this the same as the PUVA therapy? I've just been referred to a dermatologist to start the PUVA treatment on my hands. I have super tight and thick skin on both my hands. It's so bad now that when I try to make a fist, I hand can only curl into the letter "c" shape. Thanks for the info!
  6. Michelle2

    Kidney Infection

    Oh I'm so sorry to hear that you guys are both sick. I hope you both will be feeling much better really soon. Kidney infections and stones are the worst! I really hope everything clears up quickly! bug hugs coming your way!
  7. Michelle2


    Hi there~ I absolutely think you need to get a second opinion. You need to take charge of your healthcare. I was in the same boat with my last rheumatologist and I finally took charge and CANNOT believe the difference my new dr has made. Good luck to you!
  8. Michelle2

    Social Security Disability Approved!

    Hi Peggy~ That is WONDERFUL news! I am really happy for you. Hopefully things are changing with the approval process.
  9. Michelle2

    Update On The Infamous Toe

    Hi Tru~ Your in my thoughts. I hope this will be your last surgery on your toe and your pain will be finally over. You can kick the smoking habit, we all have faith in you!
  10. Michelle2

    Needing To Talk

    Hi Sweet~ My heart aches for you. I can't imagine what your going through. You're not being selfish by being upset by their move. This is your family, the ones you love so much more than anything in the world. Of course your feeling this way your a loving Mom. We all would feel this way. I like what Jefa said, you might consider retiring there and well, maybe you could do 6 months there and then 6 months over here. Hang in there sweetie! BIG BIG HUGS TO YOU!
  11. Michelle2

    Mine Is Scleredema Of Bushke

    Hi Jim~ I'm glad you found us. WELCOME :D You will find that there are so many wonderful people here to led a helping hand and ear to your problems and questions.
  12. Michelle2

    Wedding Rings...just Curious

    Hello there, I am going thru the same thing right now. I will probaby get mine sized up as well.
  13. Michelle2

    Infection In Finger Tips

    Ouch! :( I'm so sorry your going through that. I haven't had that happen to me. I have just had the typical ulcer on my finger tips and that was VERY painful. I feel for you and the pain that you must be going through. I hope your dr can nip that in the bud without having to have the nail removed. Your in my thoughts. Please keep us posted!
  14. Michelle2

    Long Term Care Insurance

    WOW how EYE opening is this! :glare: I had no idea! This is awful! Thanks for the heads up Peggy & Sweet. (love the new picture Sweet)
  15. Michelle2

    Heat Bands

    Hi All~ I have a box of "Heat Bands" that are just sittiing on my desk. I have found that they don't work for me. They are suppose to help in aiding with Raynaud's. If anyone could use them, i'd love to send them your direction. The color of the bands are tan/beige. I've only used a couple of them, so it's pretty much a full box. any takers???
  16. Michelle2

    Funding Came Through

    Peanut Thanks so much for telling us about the Stem Cell transplant. I knew nothing about it and your explaination was great!
  17. Michelle2

    What A Thoughtful Gift....

    OH my! I eye totally welled up with tears. What a wonderful and supportive family you have. You are very blessed to be surrounded by such caring people.
  18. Michelle2

    Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays to EVERYONE! Thanks for all the support all of you have given. May your holiday be blessed, warm and safe for you and your families. Hugs to you all
  19. Michelle2

    Funding Came Through

    Great news! Congrats YAY!!!
  20. Michelle2

    Post Op Follow Up

    OH MY TRU! I can't believe that the dr didn't numb your toe, like they would do for someone getting stitches. That is totally unexceptable. Please don't allow yourself to be treated that way. My heart goes out to you and hope that your resting without pain. My thoughts are with you!
  21. Michelle2

    Can Anyone Please Help Me?

    Welcome aboard~ I am sure you'll find some answer's here on the forum. This is a wonderful group of very insightful and caring people. I haven't had the peeling problems that you've had, but I do get A LOT of dry skin build up around my fingertips and finger nails. I get a lot of cracks on my fingers as well. Good luck to you,
  22. Michelle2


    Hi Ashley~ You have found the right place to get support and some answers that will help ease you mind. Dealing with a progressive disease is difficult for everyone involved. I'm sure your mom is very scared especially dealing with the unknown. "We've" all been there "those of us with Sclero" and still deal with it on a daily basis. This is a wonderful forum with absolutely incredible people. Lead your mom to this site. She can see for herself that she's not alone in this fight. We are all here for her. We know what she's going through. Lots of hugs! :)
  23. Michelle2

    Peanut -Your Picture

    OH MY GOODNESS~ I have the issue with tan skin too. I thought it might have something to do with sclero but wasn't sure. I've asked my dr's about it for months. They didn't seem concerned about it. I am a very white person that tends to burn and freckle. I can get a little tan, but this past year we went to Hawaii in January and I came back being SUPER DUPER dark. Everyone in my family was tripping out with my skin change. I am just NOW losing my tan. I didn't lose any color for almost a year. I stayed really really dark. It is the strangest thing. I'm glad you said something Peanut, now I don't feel so crazy!
  24. Michelle2

    Peanut -Your Picture

    Hi Peanut~ I agree with the girls, your picture is adorable. The other two aren't so bad either. Can't believe you were able to get Ari to sit so still and actually look at the camera. I really like Janey's pictures too.
  25. Michelle2

    Skin Tightening

    Hi Lizzie~ I am with you. :angry: I am getting so tired my my hands becoming increasingly tighter and swollen as every day passes. It started back in February 2007 and I can now barely make a fist. Every month it gets worse and worse. My knuckles are thick and get really scaly. I have even resorted to using a nail file on them to ward off the potential cracks that it might lead too. I use lotion and creams everyday all day long. I do finger exercises (thanks to Janey) a few times a day. This seems to help my flexabilty. I feel bad complaining because at this time, this seems to be my only system besides Raynauld, acid reflux and a digital ulcer. There are so many out there far worse off than I am. Please forgive me for complaining. :huh: I've been going to a rheumatologist since 2004 because of Raynaud's, which as progressed over the years. I am still waiting for my test results that my "NEW" Rheum has ordered. From what he see's so far by a visually looking at me, he has diagnosis me with either Localized or limited. I can't remember because I am still so confused with how many different forms there are. :blink: My doctor has put me on a new medicine to help with the tightness its COLCHICINE TAB 0.6MG. I haven't seen a huge difference, but I can tell you that when I skip a dose I notice that. I go back to the dr's on December 14. I'll be asking him about the PUVA treatment that I've heard many of you talk about as well as Methotrexate to help with swelling and flexibility. So Lizzie, I would like to know if anyone knows what we can expect in the future with our hands. I know everyone is different, but some insight would be very helpful. Thanks again everyone for your continued support! (BTW sorry you weren't able to go to Paris with your hubby, try to enjoy some quite time, perhaps warm next to the fire with a yummy beverage :P ) I forgot to mention that my hands are really red too. When I straighten them out they turn WHITE with red knuckles....almost looks like finger do when I'm having a Raynaud's attack.