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  1. Michelle2

    My New Dr.

    Thank you sooo much for this great information. It's so nice to find people that show so much support.
  2. Michelle2

    Leg Ulcer - Possible Amputation

    Christine~ My heart goes out to you and all the pain your going thru. I hope you soon get the help you are looking for.
  3. Michelle2

    What Is The Significance Of Your Screen Name?

    Mine came from living in a Suburb of San Diego called Ramona. We lived in the country so from there came.......Kuntrybumzz
  4. Michelle2

    Just Checking In!

    Hi James~ I'm so glad that your feeling better. I'll be thinking about you.
  5. Michelle2

    Job Review

    Hi Truman~ It brings tears to my eye to hear about all the pain your going through. I am so sorry for the lack of consideration on your employers part. Definately look into FMLA. Some employers actually pay for the time you take off due to your illness. My employer does. I work for at&t. I have had an ulcer on the tip of my middle finger for almost a year and with the information that I've learned here I am going to insist that my dr prescribes me something to heal it. They are so incredibly painful. I really feel your pain Tru. May you get some sleep and relief from you pain very soon!
  6. Michelle2

    Getting To Know You - Archives

    Hi Marjori~ Your positive attitude is awesome and very appreciated. You will add so much to this site, thanks for finding us!
  7. Michelle2


    Hello~ Has anyone out there have problems with numbness? Just yesterday I noticed that the outside portion of my thumb has gone numb. It's so weird. It's just one little part of my thumb that has been affected. Oh and also what should I be asking my rheumatologist at my next appt. I see all kinds of things you guys talk about, but haven't got a clue about. Like....CRP and other things you guys abbreviate. Should I be having her run tests and new blood work? I haven't had any blood work done for 9-12 months. Right now she has told me that I have Raynaud's, Arthritis and Lupus. For some reason, I don't believe that to be true. I just don't seem to get direct answers from her. I want to go in there next time with all my duck's in a row, if you know what I am talking about.... :unsure: HELP!
  8. Michelle2

    Our Pets...

    In my zoo I have 2 adorable boy's 11 & 12. I have a wonderful hubby of almost 13years. And then there's my fur baby's. We have 1 cat named Sebastian (10 )he's gray stripped with a little bit of brownish color. He adopted us when he fell in our yard and broke his leg. We also have 3 wonderful dogs. Kia (10) who is a med sized "Heinz 57 mix "with short hair..her coloring looks like a beagle we adopted her when a friend could no longer take care of her . Her favorite part of the day is eating and cookie time. Then we have Kaden (2) who is just he cutest boy you've ever seen. He is a Siberian Husky black and white fur with blue eyes. And last but not least our newest member is a rescued Pitbull/boxer mix. He is the BIGGEST LOVER boy around. He also has a problem with velcro, he is stuck to me like nothing else....he loves to give kisses and loves to get belly rubs. Pets are so special. I hope everyone has the chance and privilege of having a special friend. ;)
  9. Michelle2

    Bunion Surgery Today 3:45 P.m.

    Glad your feeling better Jackie! Try not to do too much and just remember to relax and enjoy some quiet time.
  10. I just need to vent a little bit. Today my hands are so swollen and super tight. I work on a pc all day and am having a really hard time. Does anyone have any suggestions for relief? I thought about taking a water pill but that probably isn't a good idea. Any idea's would be great. Thank you! :unsure:
  11. Michelle2

    Kidney Involvement

    Hi Patty~ I agree with Lizzy, you she see a Dr. I know that's the last thing you probably want to do is head back there, but you really do need more safe than sorry. Let us know what they say.. Hope you feel better soon!
  12. Michelle2


    Hi Celia~ Interesting............I'll have to definately mention it to my rheumatologist at my next appt. As it goes right now, my thumb is still numb and it's been almost a week. It really is strange.
  13. Michelle2

    Chat Room

    Yay! The only bummer is that my work blocks the chat room. So I can't chat while at work! Glad we have it availble though.
  14. Michelle2

    My New Job...

    Hi Jen~ You can say I am a HUGE animal person. Not only do I have Buster the pit/boxer mix, but I also have Kia (Heinz 57) and Kaden (Siberian Husky) and also Sebastian (cat) all of them spoiled rotten and they sleep with with all of us on our beds.....(maybe you could say we're crazy) but were very happy and crazy :D hee hee hee. XX
  15. Michelle2


    Congrats Janey! Thanks for all that you do, you are truly appreciated by all.
  16. Michelle2

    My New Job...

    YAY Jen! I excited for you. There's nothing better then helping out with animals rescues . The dogs are so appriciative. It's like they really know how lucky they are. I was a foster mommy for 2 pitbulls in San Diego and have since adopted the last one I fostered. He is sooo loyal and loving. Your going to love your new job! Hope your man caves in. ;)
  17. Michelle2

    Update On My Sis!

    I can't believe that her SO treated her that way. Shame on HIM! Glad to hear that she's in a much better place (above the sod) and getting the care she deserves. Hope you have a great time this weekend with your visit. :D
  18. Michelle2

    Chat Room

    If possible I would love to see that for the site.
  19. Michelle2


    Perfect! I am going to print this out and take it with me to my next appt. I go on Sept 14. I'll be sure to keep you all posted. THANK YOU!!
  20. Michelle2

    I'm Back

    Welcome Back! Hope your PT goes well but minus the headache this time around. Ü
  21. Michelle2

    Getting To Know You - Archives

    Hi Cleo~ Welcome aboard! I new to the site too. I have found it so helpful and the people here are .............. well, just plain AWESOME!
  22. Michelle2

    Bunion Surgery Today 3:45 P.m.

    Good luck to you. Just give yourself a little extra time to heal. ;) Keep us posted on how your doing. Wishing you a speedy recovery!
  23. Michelle2

    Being My Own Advocate

    I agree, Don't cancel your appt. You can never be too careful! Keep us posted!
  24. Michelle2


    Hi Jen~ How are things going for you now? I can't wait to see your pictures. I am so glad that they have a treatment for you.
  25. THIS is a GREAT topic, thanks Emmi. I have learned to be more patient and enjoy my family and friends even more. I try not to take anyone or anything for granted and really try to look at the bright side of things verses the negative side. I really try to view this as "We all have something" may it be diabetes or any other disease and try not to feel sorry for myself. I just try to stay on top of the changes that are going on with me and read up on Scleroderma as much as I can. I have a strong faith that keeps me going. We do have so many things to be grateful for. :D