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    Nitroglycerin For Raynaud's

    WOW~ I am so glad I found this tread. I didn't know about the Viagra helping out with ulcers. I've had one for almost a year and boy was it PAINFUL. I even had thoughts that cutting off my finger would be so much better than having that horrible constant pain. I hope I never have to go thru that pain again. :( I am going to ask about the Nitro and viagra at my next appt.
  2. Michelle2

    Being My Own Advocate

    Hi Tammy~ I haven't heard or read anything linking them together. I am new to all of this too and I am glad to see you being on top of it as far as your dr's appt goes. I'm doing the same thing. This site is GREAT!
  3. Michelle2

    Getting To Know You - Archives

    Hello Everyone~ My name is Michelle and I too am a newbie to the forum. I am 40 year old and happily married to my wonderful husband Wayne. We have two boy's 11 & 12 and I have two step girls 20 & 25 both married and the youngest is a brand new mommy. We have 3 big dogs, and 1 cat. We are HUGE dog people. I work full time as a service rep for a communications company. I live in southern California and will most likely be moving to North Carolina with in the next 2 years. (My husband just got transferred out there. He flies home every other week for 4 days). So we are all adjusting to this new life style. My boys and I are staying put until the housing markets turns around. I enjoy spending most of my time around by children and family. We like baseball, movies, swimming, bar-b-ques and hanging out with friends. We LOVE to travel and going to amusment parks. Anyway, I haven't been offically diagnosed with Scleroderma yet. I have had Raynaud's since 2004. I have it in my toes and most fingers on both hands. I see my rheumatologist every month so she can keep tabs on me. I am going for a second opinion this month. I don't feel as though she is taking me as seriously as she could. I am also going to the dermatologist this month as well. I read an article on Scleroderma and it sounded just like what I was going thru. I brought it in the my rheumatologist and she quickly dismissed it and said, "oh you don't have that" I have many other patients that are far worst off than you are. So I put that out of my mind, until the last few months when the skin on the back of both hands started to become SUPER tight. It feels as though I have really tight gloves on. It's gotten so bad that I can barely open jars, write anything by hand and hold large cups. I also have tightness in both my calves. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I have a ulcer on the tip of my middle finger that I have had since last October. It doesn't hurt as badly as it use too and its a lot smaller that it use to be. I think I have scar tissue there that helps with the pain of it. My rheumatologist has be on several meds for my Raynaud's. I am taking: Prozac, Cartia XT, Plaquinel, Acifex. It's hard to believe that I am 40 years old and I am already on 4 daily medications. I am so glad that I found this forum. I felt so alone with what was going on with me. No one that I know can relate to what's happening. It's scary when you have no one to talk too. :( Thanks to all of you who show so much support! :D
  4. Michelle2

    New to the Forum and Scared

    Hi James~ I am really glad you decided to post. You are NOT alone. There are so many wonderful and caring people here. I am sorry to hear the past few months have been so difficult for you.
  5. Michelle2


    Mine started with my hands, actually just one finger. It was like that for about a year, then it progress to to other finger on the same hand and then down to my toes. Now it's moved to my other hand as well. Not all fingers are affected at this time. I find that putting my hands in warm water really help out so much when I have an attack. A warm shower can work wonders too. I have never experienced blackness before I would definately see a doctor for that. Best wishes, :P
  6. Michelle2

    My Dermatoligist Appt.

    :huh: Wow Rachelle Sorry to hear about the pain you went through yesterday. I can only imagine someone digging at my finger that way. I am going through the same thing with my middle right hand finger. I am hoping to get into the dermatologist myself. I'll be sure to ask for the freezing if they plan to dig at it. Please keep us posted on what's going on with you. Take care, Michelle
  7. Michelle2


    Hi Guys~ Sorry I haven't replied in awhile. I was on a brief vacation with my family. I am happy to say that I too have a doctor appointment scheduled for Monday with my primary care physician and am going to ask for a referral to a dermatologist and also a different rheumatologist. I will feel much better with a second or third opinion. The skin on the back of my hands are getting SO tight. I think it's getting worse. My ulcer is also bigger and I am not quite sure why. I haven't done anything different. My finger just throbs especially when I am laying in bed, sometimes so badly that I have to get up and take some Motrin. I have a few questions for my new friends out there. 1. I have seen many abbreviations of tests with number associated with the them. Could someone please explain them to me. They sound pretty important and something that I need to become familiar with. 2. Do you find weather effecting your Sclero? Currently I live in So. Cal and my husband is going to accept a job in Durham N.C. It has me a little nervous with the thought of being cold. I seem to be ok with humidity, the cold just scares me. My Raynaud's really gets effected with it. If you can think of anything other info that might be helpful to "us" newbies. Truly THANK YOU ALL! It's so nice not to feel alone!
  8. Michelle2


    Thanks Jefa for the encouraging words. I can't seem to get this whole scleroderma out of my mind. I am thinking about it all the time and with your what you just said, it makes me feel much better. Not so doomed if that makes any sense. Thank goodness for this website! Have a good day!
  9. Michelle2

    Cold Hands

    Sam- I find that putting my hands and feet in warm water helps me the best too. Mine Raynauds flare up at the slightest change in weather. It's sooo frustrating but I've learned to carry gloves with me everywhere I go. Those little packs that warm up work well too when your out and about. B)
  10. Michelle2


    Hi Rachelle~ I'm brand new to this site as well and what you are describing is exactly what I have going on as well. My digital ulcer is on the tip of my middle finger on the right hand side. It's been there since last October. It is very small now and I am sure I have scar tissue because the pain is much less than it use to be. I had some much pain that I would think to myself, I would be better off just cutting it off. Of course I would never do that, but that's how much pain I was going thru. I go to a rheumatologist monthly. She has given me rx for antibiotic which has cleared up the infection. I have even asked if she could refer me to a wound care specialist that I learn about from the Raynaud's forum website. She said "what do you need to go there for?" Ahhh the sore on my finger that won't heal. I didn't get the referral. My problem started in 2004. The finger tip on my right hand would go purple and numb. I went to my dr and had many tests done. They thought it was Raynaud's and then referred me to my rheumatologist. After going to her for 3 years, she has diagnosed me with Lupus secondary to Raynaud's. She also said that I have Arthritus. I read an article on Scleroderma and even brought it to her to read. She said, No No No you don't have that. (I was releaved because the article said most people with Sclerodema "can" live up to 10 years with the disease.) Needless to say I was freaking out. Ok, so the my last visit 6-15-07 I told the Dr. that the skin on the back of my hands are really tight, so tight that you can't pinch any skin at all. It feels like I have really tight gloves on. My fingers are a little swollen as well. This is also going on with the sking on my calfs. Her remark was, "well that's your scleroderma doing that." I said you told me that I don't have that. She told me it was all linked together. Well, I think that's the last I want to have with her. I'll have to go back to my primary to ask for another referral to someone different. I'm pretty sure I have Scleroderma too. I am so glad that I found this site. This has been very helpful and the people seem really nice and encouraging. Oh by the way, I am 40 years old, married with 2 boys and living in So. Cal. I work full time on a pc all day. Thank goodness I don't have to write with a pen. I can barely grab the pen these days. I am going to look into something called UVA-1 therapy. (sorry this was so long winded, I am just so glad I saw your post. It makes me feel like I am not going thru this alone.)