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  1. I couldn't help but click into this link. I had no idea what a sapsucker was. Well thanks to you guys I now know. Can you tell that I am really not a gardener either. I try, but most stuff dies. It's really quite sad.


    Good luck with conquering your sapsuckers! ;)

  2. Hi Michele


    I've been on methotrexate for about 4 months. I've noticed that my aggressiveness of the disease has halted. I haven't seen any progression since about after a month of taking it. I do get sick to my stomach though. It helps when I don't take all the pills at the same time. I haven't noticed being more tired than normal. Oh, and I don't seem to be as stiff. I hope that my skin will soften. Having tight skin is so annoying.


    My doctor also told me not to drink alcohol when taking this medicine, but I can't find anything that validates that. Has anyone else heard of this??

  3. OUCH! I feel for all of you. I don't have this problem but I have had ingrown toe nails surgery. I hope you all get some relief soon.


    My Dad just had his big toe nails removed by the pod dr. He is SOOO excited about not having to deal with pain anymore. He's been told that the toe nails won't grow back. I know it's extreme, but hey no pain sounds good to me.


    Good luck!

  4. Thanks EVERYONE for the helpful info! I'm looking forward to asking the dr about hand therapy! I love that idea! I got a parafin wax kit from Dr. Schols for X-mas and can you believe I still haven't broken it out for use yet. I'm going to have to get on that one. :D

  5. Hi Omaeva~


    Nitro-bid can be very helpful. I've learned from people here that I was applying it wrong. I love the analogy that a member here used.

    Basically, you need to use it at the base of your fingers not directly on the ulcer itself. Your doctor will recommend how often you should apply it on a daily basis. You need to be consistant with it. It finally worked for me after I was using it correctly. It also helps with keeping ulcers away.


    Hope this helps! :blink:

  6. Thanks for the info Barefut, Carrie and Barbara!


    I'm going to ask about the Lidocane patches. I like that idea. I'm also going to try a heating pad. Icing it down scares me because I have Raynaud's too. I'm sure I'd go straight into an attack.



    (Another quick ?.....I have the Nitro-bid ointment given to me for my digital ulcer. It's almost gone and has been that way for months. How many times a day should I put putting in on my hands. Currently I'm doing it once a day all over my hands. I've read that some people get headaches from it. I would love to avoid that, but on the other hand would love to see this finally go away. I've had this since 10-06)


    Have a fantastic Day!