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  1. Well my son Mike and his wife and my granddaughter Hailynn came up last Tuesday and left yesterday to go back home. I am having a hard time with it. I miss them so much. Hailynn wouldnt let me hold her since she didn't know who I was. But she would smile at me. While they were up here I had a birthday party for Hailynn 2 months early but it was an enjoyable day and lots of good food. Yes I had cooked sunday morning to have everything ready at noon that day. I will tell you it's nice to have my house back to where it was 2 quite but I also miss having my children around and my neices over every night too. Well just wanted to have self pity party for me. LOL!! I will be ok in a few days. Sam
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    I second this too. Sam
  3. Sam


    yes mine are whiter too. But doesn't everyone have that when they get older. Sam
  4. Sam

    Awesome rheumatologist Visit

    That is awesome!!!! Take care, Sam
  5. Sam

    Moving to France

    Hapi welcome I dont live in France either I live in the States, Ohio. I 'm glad you found this site its awesome place to be... Take care and good luck in France. Sam
  6. Sam

    Starting Prednisone again

    I have taken predisone and other steroid injections it had me gain weight I was very irritable and had other side effects like sweating day and night. I won't ever go on it again. If you are on it good luck. Sam
  7. Sam

    Non Sclero

    Well her name is Payton Carol-Jean. She weighed 6lbs.15 oz. I'm not sure of the weight. Her other Grandma didn't tell me. She was born at 7:42 pm, last night. Her big sister Alexia and I was at the park playing and exactly at 7:42 I was looking at my cell phone to see what time it was and to see if anyone called or left a meesage. Well All we have a busy morning. Take care and I just had to share the news with you ... This is my third granddaughter. Sam
  8. Christy, I have that feeling at times too, but never could figure it out. I do where gels in my shoes, it helps because of the archs are no longer there. I'm glad its helping somewhat. Sam
  9. Sam

    Non Sclero

    Thanks Jen and Pam, Yes its so exciting. Payton gets to come home today. I just got off the phone with Brooke and she said when she is up all she wants to do is eat. I just laughed but to me that is a good sign. Sam
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    RE: Sam and Lyrica

    Yes the Lyrica is helping I have noticed that I also have more energy now and that sleeping at night is good to, the muscle pain is better. Thanks all, Sam
  11. Hello all, I know it's been awhile but I'm feeling pretty good but I still have pains in my hips and neck and my left arm is bothering me again. But the muscle pain is gone YAY! I have been on lyrica for 4 weeks now I'm on two pills in the morning and two at night. I do better with the two pills at night. I just started taking the two pills in the morning on Monday and I'm not adjusted to it yet. Hopefully soon though. I am so grateful my doctor wanted to put me on this. It has helped alot. Well Sunday my daughter in law Brooke will be going in the hospital to be induced. "We are having a girl and and her name will be Payton Carol-Jean. We are going to pick up Alexia and she is going to stay with us until sometime on Monday. Were hoping the baby will be born on Sunday but if not no big deal. I'm excited about the new baby coming and that Alexia gets to stay with Grandma DeTray.. I have been working out 3 times a week and I really enjoy it. Now if I can find a job a part time one that would be great. I do sell Arbonne products and really enjoy doing that but I'm not always doing parties. So I work at my own pace which is good but I would like to be a bit more bussier than I am. Well I'm gonna go my pain meds are kicking in. Take care, Sam
  12. Sam

    Our Little Peanut

    Peanut, by now I hope all things are well I will be thinking of you and swending great thoughts your way. Jen thanks for letting us know. Please keep us updated. Sam
  13. Sam

    Truman (Linda) in the hospital

    Ryan thank you for letting us know about your mom. Tru I am sending you lots of wishes of getting better soon. You take care and get better soon. Sam
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    Non Sclero

    Thank you!!!
  15. Sam

    Non Sclero

    Thank you and thanks for putting it in the right spot. After I had posted I knew I didn't have it in the right area. I just got home spending the afternoon with Payton and Brooke. I had a really nice time and boy does she look like my step son now. Well got to take a nap, didn't sleep to well last night. Sam
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    Emme, Have fun in Spain... I'm glad the tanning treatments are helping. I'm also glad everything at home is good. Sorry to hear about the break up but like you said its what you wanted. I'm glad you just not staying in a relationship if your not happy. I believe my daughter did and she ended up marring him. Well anyways good luck on your new adventure to Spain. Take care, Take some pictures and see if you can put them in your photo gallery and share them with us. Sam
  17. Sam

    3 dental implants

    wow you all just confused me but Jen good luck and I hope all goes well. Take care and keep us updated. Sam
  18. Is there anyone who is dealing with bone loss in your hands and is it scleroderma related. I tried looking it up and I'm coming up with osteoarthritis. I'm not really sure what to tell her. She is having trouble with doctors and she seems like they are not trying to help her. So she calls me and ask me for help. I had copied some information for her and I am going to send it to her tomorrow. But I'm not really sure if its osteoarthritis. Any information will help. Sam
  19. Janey thanks for the article but I dont think that is what it is. She has gone to the doctor's. But she is not getting the answers she is asking so that is why she contacts me. I keep telling her I am not a doctor. She is just having a really hard time Understanding scleroderma and then this with her thumb then she found out she has contracture of the wrist. That is why I think it more osteoarthritis. Well I had tried. But again thank you, Sam
  20. Sam

    Update on illness

    Sadie I am so sorry to hear what you have been going through. I hope you get to feeling better soon. Take care, Sam
  21. Sam

    For the ladies!

    Well when I was younger I would have cramps. Then by age of 21 I had tubal done and boy did I have the cramps, but the only thing was I would only go 2 or 3 days and it was hardly anything. It was that way ever since I could remember. Then I had cervial cancer in my 30's and had to have a hysterectomy done. No menopausal yet, YAY!!!
  22. Sam

    Hand Splints

    I use to use them years back and yes they do help. I know many people who use them at night. Thinking about using them again at night . My hands are going numb at night.
  23. Sam


    I work out three times a week. Lately I have been doing Zumba arobics and if it gets too much for me I stop. Then I go and work out on the circuit. That is what I usally do anyways. But iexercising helps you with your heart, lungs and your well being. Plus it strenthens up your muscles. My muscle strength is better now than two years ago. But then I had to start all over this past Jan/Feb/ but really didn't get it going until March. I had to stop because of my left arm. I tried going and only using my right arm but that only last for awhile, and when I started getting thos injections I completely stop. So the answer to your question is yes exercise is good for you in moderation. Sam
  24. Sam


    I'm been on it for two weeks now. So far so good. The drunkiness feeling is gone. YAY!! I can really tell a difference and hope it continues to stay. I have pain in my muscles and joints. I do have pain all over.. My slcero is very mild is what my Sclero doctor says. So to me that is a good thing, but I do have lots of pain in muscles and in my joints. I hardly have any skin tightening. I do have CRET out of CREST. Yes I heard you can gain weight with being on Lyrica, I just hope it doesn't with me. I'm trying to loose what I had gained while being on steriods last fall and winter. I do have lots of pain in my neck but I have a pinched nerve in my neck that triggered my left shoulder last summer to not be able to move right. I can move it now but not like it should.
  25. Sam


    Well I'm finally taking it like I am suppose to. And wow it is helping with muscle pain and some other pain. Except my neck pain is worse. I have been putting cold compress on it and heat. Plus using some herbal muscle cream on it. And its notr helping. I so do not want to see the pain doctor again. My spine feels like it not in line so I think I will call the chiro and hopefully that will do it for me.