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    Thanks Sheryl, it does help with some pain when I'm out of line that is what I call it. I can usually tell when its time to go in. Well take care, Sam
  2. Well My rheumatologist wrote a script for this two weeks ago and I finally was able to get it on Thursday. I'm to take one pill two times day for 3 weeks. Then if toloerated take two pills twice a day. Well at first I only took it at night but today I am going to take it one pill twice a day I wanted to see how I would react to it. Many side effects. And he has to keep a close eye on me anyways because of my legs are swollen. I see him on Thursday to go over my blood work and urine test. I had my Echo done last Wednesday and I won't have the PFT done until July, I really think he will have it done sooner. That is how he is. Well I will update. Sam
  3. Thanks everyone I am glad they approved it I can tell some what of a difference it makes. I only been taking it at night. Right now I can't take it during the day I am having some family things going on and I need to be able to drive right now. So when things slows down I am going to start taking it like I am suppose to. I do see the rheumatologist on Thursday and will let him know how I am taking it right now. Take care and thank you Sam
  4. Lisa That is awesome!!! Sam
  5. Lyrica? My rheumatologist wrote a script for it and I have to wait for the insurance to approve it. I had xrays done on both hips and lots of blood work and urine test too. He scheduled me a echo and Pft for next week and I have to go back and see him next Thursday too. So I will be a busy camper next week. He is worried about my leg are swollen. Plus I am having lots of SOB when doing somehting. I told him I'm jhaving a hard time walking that it hurts. He thinks most of the pain is from the Fibro. Plus arthritis too. Well that is about it. Sam
  6. Sam

    Is anyone taking

    Thanks everyone Yes I had decided to take it at night because I'm not sure of what it will do. the rheumatologist thinks most of my pains are from Fibro which could be plus some arthritis as well. I'm so hoping this works out. I want to spend some time with my granddaughter over the summer and have her here for a few days each week. My step son and his girlfrend are expecting another girl in June and I want to help out as much as I can. Again thanks for the comments, Sam
  7. Sam

    Is anyone taking

    Yes the doctor told me he is going to start me out with low does then work me up to higher to find out what works well for me. I hope the insurance wil approve it soon. Sam
  8. Sam

    My feet! They swell!

    Omaeva, are you able to lay on the floor and put your legs up against the wall? If so do this only 5 minutes at a time. That will help with the swelling too. But like the others mentions call your doctor and get in. Take care Sam
  9. Sam

    Toe Update

    Tru, It saddens me that your family isnt there for you. I wish there was something I could do to help you while you recover from the skin graft. Well I will be thinking of you on the 5th, Take care, Sam
  10. All states have what they call Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation Services or RSC. What that is a place that works with people who have disabilities or is on workers Comp. to find out what they can do and can't. I have been working with them since 2005. They paid for me to go to school. They will give you money for clothes when you find a job and money for gas for going out hunting for a job. They pay these job developers money to help you find a job that is right for you. It's just extra help helping you find a job faster. So this is something that some of you may want to look into. Like I mentioned before I am looking for part time work in a medical office doing medical billing and coding.
  11. Going to see my job developer this morning.... I'm so tired. Well today I go see my job developer. She is a really nice lady. For those of you who don't know what a job developer is I will tell you. It a person that works for a company to help people who have disabilites find work with an employer who understand that you have disabilitesand there is some thing you can and can't do while working. Mine is I can't sit longer than a hour but lately its like an 1/2 now I need to get up for a few and stretch out. I can no longer stand like I use to the mim is 20 before my legs go numb. Walking is 20 min before legs go numb. No heavy lifting only up to 5 pounds everyone once in awhile nothing repet.,. I'm looking for an office job doing medical billing and coding. I have been looking for a long time. No one wants to hire you if you little experience in medical billing and coding, but I am good at what I do.. Well just wanted to let you know what I am doing today.. I just hope I can wake up before I go. didn't sleep good my body is being a pain from having pain.. Take care, and Have a great Day!!!
  12. I try to be Sweet.. I had redone my resume I had asked her if she thought it was too busy and she thought the same thing. So I had redone that while I was there. We actually did not go out hunting for a job, She knew when I walked in I wasn't feeling good. I ended coming home and took a 2 1/2 hour nap. Still kinda yuck feeling this evening. I think its from the allergy pill I took last night.
  13. Sam

    Happy Birthday Sadie!

    Suzie, Happy Birthday to you.. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Suzie Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuu.... HUgs, Sam
  14. Sam

    Disability Doctor Visit

    I can't believe she said having colitis is not a criteria of CREST. Well My gastro told me that me having colitis is caused by CREST. So is is right hmm I would say my gastro doctor. I'm not a big fan of social security doctors they are a dime a dozen. And do they really know what scleroderma is. I bet she had to look it up.. Sorry to say that. I'm sorry that you were having problems this morning. But I am glad you got in and like Shelly said a great time for you fingers to turn colors. Let us know what happens. Take care, Sam
  15. Sam

    Disease Management Offered

    are you talking about a wellness plan from you insurance companies?
  16. Sam

    Thanks for the welcome

    YFChoice, Hey its Sam, how are you doing? Glad to see you posting on here. You will meet lots of great people on here I have belong to this group for a really long time. Nice to see you posting on a board again. Take care, Sam
  17. Sam

    Frozen Shoulder

    Sheryl, sorry about your arm giving you som eproblems. Mine did that last fall too. I ended up going and getting epidural steroid injections.. I can move my arm now but my neck still hurts. If I move my arm to quick it hurts. I had gone to therapy for my arm too it works for two weeks then Its started making it hurt more. So good luck.. Take care, sAm
  18. Well for a while now I haven't been sleeping that good at night. I'm so tired and all I do is toss and turn, my legs feels like they need to stretch or something. My body aches all over.. My knees even hurt while I am sleeping well trying too. I have tried taking warm baths and massage my body before I go to sleep. I even have taken some pain pills or muscle relaxer and it doesn't help. I'm not really sure of what is going on.. I do need to call my family doctor and chat with him.. I haven't taken my naps during the day either just can't get comfortable and I still toss and turn, I was hoping if I didn't take nap I would be so exhausted and fall asleep and sleep all night. But nope no way.. So if anyone has any great suggestions let me hear them please!!! Sam
  19. Well I had pain growing up and was really always tired.. Then I had raynauds at the age of 21. The pain has always stayed with me. Then it was reflux then more pain and other diagnosis's as the years go by.
  20. Sam


    Good Luck!! I use to smoke up to packs a day.. I quit back in 2003 and its hard but you have to do it when your ready not when everyone is ready for you to quit. I know you can beat this.. take care, Sam
  21. Sam

    Had my upper Endo this morning

    Glad your testing went well. Take care, Sam
  22. Sam

    Good Early morning all...

    Kim, I thought I had noticed you on here .. YAY!! I am doing good, tonight I'm not going to take the trazadone. I have been sleeping good and I sleep until 10:30 am that is way to much sleep but if I don't then I am drowsey and get light headedness. Today I tried working out and I only rode the bike for 20 minutes, I am sore and dont know why. My chiro ask me yesterday if I thought it was my Fibro that was making me hurt, I told him I really dont think I have it. Who knows. He did mention to me that if him adjusting me isnt helping ther eis no sense of me going . That bummed me out. We also had him get my MRI's of my spine and one of my crays showeed that I have a cyst in my sinses cavity.. I didn't know that. Until yesterday.. Well that is about it wil post on how I feel tomorrow with out taking the med. Sam
  23. Sam

    Good Early morning all...

    Yes when taking trazadone you can have night mares.. Believe me it was a night mare I had but like I said I got some sleep. I slept good last night too no night mare though YAY!!!
  24. I use to lay out all the time when I was younger then when I was in my late 20's I stop laying out like I did. Reason why I don't want to look a like an alligator bag.. I have seen some woman who look awfull the skin with deep wrinkles plus you know they probably smoke too that doesn't help your skin either. I do jump in the tanning bed for a bit but not like everyday.. I do use a self tanning lotion its one of the best that Is out there and doesn't cost too much.. Yes becareful when you go out and make sure you have sunscreen on too. I will read the link when I am done... take care, Sam
  25. Sam

    Good Early morning all...

    Well I had slept all night and had a really weird dream.. actually it was a bad dream.. But I'm happy I got some sleep finally. I took it at 7:00 and went to bed at 9:00 turned on some music and went to bed... I can't tel you when I fell asleep I'm just happy that it worked. I had slept 12 hours. Much needed now I'm having problems with a stuffy nose and headache.. took my meds and hope I will feel better soon, my granddaughter Alexia will be here and she is non stop playing and getting into things. My daughter called and said she will be stopping by too. Well I'm gonna go take care and thanks for the advice.. Sam