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    disability interview

    I'm sorry that the guy rushed at the office this morning, that happens sometimes.. They just check to see what you have done and what you dont have done.. I had more paper work to fill out last week and its getting so tireing for me.. Since 2003 this has been going on. I can only imagine what you are going through with having your family staying with you.. I know you, you will do anything for your family.. But you need to take a break away from the house.. Take your hubby and go.. Take care, Sam
  2. Sam

    Good Early morning all...

    Well the doctor called in trazodone for me, we will see if it works or not.. I am so tired and sore all over.. I did go see the chiro practor today it helped some but not like it usually does. He asked me to come back on monday and wants to take more xrays of my spine. We do know I have OA and a pinched nerve or something like that. I told him I did not want to go back to the pain doctor I dont want anymore steroid anything. Has anyone experience knee pain with pain in your legs but its a different kind of pain then what your having in your legs? Barb I dont have that problem its usually me and the dogs that snores.. I also did try drinking warm milk the other night it didn't help. thanks for the advice. Thank yu for all that responded. Sam
  3. I use the baking soda and water, Milk?? never heard of that one.. sounds like it would bubble up in the micro... But the do tor gave me something to drink instead oif doing the baking soda water.. when I get cold I usually use my blow dyer or jump in the tub.. When I'm getting dressed and my feet feel chilled I take and blow air from my dyer into the sock and then stick them on my feet awwwhh feels so good. Becareful not to put on sock over the whole of the dryer it might kill the dyer..
  4. Sam

    Sheryl's New Position

    Congrats!!! I'm glad you decided to do this you will be great!! Sam
  5. Well I just wanted to let you all know I am doing good, tired alot but that is normal I guess. I still have my pains and aches in my joints.. My sleeping habits are not good anymore. Staying up late and sleeping until 8:30 or until noon.. It just depends if I get woke up by the phone or the doggies...Or by the people that live with me... I had seen my lawyer last Friday and had to go back this past Tuesday to file online for disability again. right now I am waiting for a lady to call me back around 3:30 to go over my claim. I have not done that before... I jus thope this time I get it... I had filed back in 2003 and was denied finally in June 2007... But we are apealing it and adding all the great stuff that happen to me this past fall and winter.. I am so glad the weather is warming up , yes it still in the 30 and 40 but the air is warmer feeling then the winter air... do you know what I mean? I made an appointment with a psychologist and will see him soon, waiting for the paper work to get here. I will see my rheumatologist at the end of April.. And my gastro is the middle of the month of April.. I can't believe its almost April.. Well all jsut wanted to check in... Take care, Sam
  6. Sam

    Good Afternoon all...

    Thanks everyone...
  7. Peggy I agree with Lisa on this one too. I thinkIi have told you that before don't give up and have the doctor call and fight for you.. Good luck and keep us posted. hugs, Sam
  8. Sam

    Disability question

    Sweet that was a good question to ask, when my children recieved social security from there father they didn't make alot either, but I took the paper in anyways when we did our taxes. How is that going. I haven another appointment in the morning with my lawyer. I had one last week and we went over everything. Going to fill out another application I guess. Well take care, Sam
  9. Sam

    Have you ever had a Pav?

    sounds yummy thanks...
  10. Sam

    update with Respiratory doctor!

    Celia, I'm sorry to hear that things didn't go the way you and your one doctor hoped. Take care,
  11. Sam

    Calcinosis Cutis

    Alice I have caluim depostis too , I dont really do anything for them but keep an eye on them. The only time I had sugery to remove them when they were on my right knee and I couldn't keep the infection out. Sam
  12. Hello all! It's ben awhile since I really posted anything. I go see David tomorrow and I hope I have everything that I need. This time around I had a hard time filling out the paperwork. But I think I did the best that I could. *Does anyone know if you can request a different judge for disability* The reason why I'm asking is that the one I had her both times, she didn't make me feel like she wanted to hear my case. Especially the second time around. I do know one thing I am not going to give up on trying to get disability. This is been going on since 2003 and its just dragging, which is ok I will be able to handle it. anyhoo, I have been having pains in my hands alot during the nightime. I still have pain from my neck on down the my lower back. My feet hurt to walk on them. Well I'm gonna go for now. Take care all, Sam
  13. Sam

    I'm a newbie!

    Sadie hello It's Sam I believe I know you... Glad to see you joined.
  14. Sam

    Dry Mouth

    You can use Biotene mouth wash. They also have tooth past and gum..hope this helps, You can get it most major drug stores. Sam
  15. Sam

    It's a Boy !

    Tru that is great!!!! I love cocker spaniels, I haven't had one since I was young girl his name was Hercules. I have four doggies, 2 boxers, 1 collie/lab mix and 1 chiuahua mix. Well I'm glad you found another oine. Take care, sam
  16. I can't find the words to express what I want to say. When I read that I just couldn't believe it, I didn't know she wasn't doing well as of late. The truth is I always get her and Shelley mixed up for some odd reason. I know we are going to miss this extradinary woman Sherill Knaggs. Her family will be in my thoughts. And everyone here who she had touched. Sam
  17. Well as it says at the title topic, I am filling out more papers, I do have to call the lawyer,and find out if I have to put everything on there from 2003 and what has been going on 2007 and 2008. This is so confusing sometimes. I did contact my states representatives and told them I am appealing and to see if they can help. LIke I said long time ago this is been going on since 2003. I am not giving up!!! I dont care how much it stresses me out My body can handle it... Well that is my attitude right now. Just wanted to share with you all. Take care, and keep warm. Sam
  18. Thanks Pam, I do have copies of everything plus my ;awery has copies too. I just hate filling out more paper work but hey it will hlp me then its all good. I was looking over my medical records last night I read somewhere that I have a cyst on my right side of my liver hmm that is strange I didn't read that before and I wasn't even told about it.
  19. Sam

    fed up

    lyndalou, I too understand what you mean unwell. I just take it as it comes. That is one thing why I am so glad that I just started my own business from home, if I dont feel good I only answer to myself, and if I dont want to work I dont have too. I think that is why we get so stressed out even more when an employer doesn't understand why we call off when we dont feel good. Well I'm glad your feeling better today so take care, Sam
  20. Sam


    I beleive we do, at least it seems that way with me.
  21. Sam

    Can we talk about food

    LADYHAWKE, I take nexuim twice a day and sometimes I still have reflux at night and I take what is called Zegrid. My gastro doctor gave me some samplse of it, I told him sometimes I use baking soda water at night. Zegrid is a powder form that you add so much water to it and drink it. then fill the glass up and drink it. It helps alot. I do watch what I eat most of the time. But I know what I can't have or it will trigger it off. But I have to have my coffee in the morning. I hope this helps, Janey and Shelly has given you some good advice too.
  22. Sam

    weird hair growth

    I was just talking about this the other day. I have no hair growth on my legs. And the hair on my arms is gone too, I use to have a lot of dark hair on my arms now its gone, I thought it was something I had taken to make it gone or a product I have been using. But I believe its going away on its own, I know when we hit a certain age the hair diminishes. I also notice to that I dont have to shave my underarms too. WEll to be honest with you all I'm glad I dont have to shave hardly anymore but what blows my mind how quickly it happens.
  23. Sam

    We are moving

    Wow that is going to be aways, my neice is living there in lakenhearth or something like that. She just had a baby. Well good luck and take some pictures and put them on myspace. When will you be leaving? One thingIi had noticed, I live in Ohio and when I moved to southern California I still had the same amount of raynauds attack. Then I started having lots of sinus problems as before I didn't. Oh well good luck!!!
  24. Sam


    Michelle, I am sorry to hear how the medicine made you sick. I have no idea about that med. I hope the next time when you you take and break it up during the day will be much better for you. Take care, Sam
  25. Sam

    I Have The Flu

    Well saturday I got up and had a really bad headache then by evening I really didn't feel good. Sunday all I did was sleep just like saturday, My whole body aches my feet hurt so much when I walk on them. Well today I still feel yucky but alot better than sunday and saturday,. My temperature was reading 100.7 the lowest it was 100.3 yesterday. I was vomiting a few times only in the morning, thinking it is drainage though. Well I need to lay back down. Just wanted to let you all know I wasn't feeling good again. Sam