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  1. I was told by my husband that I do this.


    He woke me up last night and said to me, "What are you doing?" I said, "What are you talking about?" He didn't say anything to me until I had asked him this morning what he was talking about. He said, "What weren't you doing?".


    He told me I gargle, wheeze and cough and snore at night and I was really going at it last night. All I can do is laugh but maybe something is wrong. I feel pretty good though. Guess I will discuss this with the doctor.

  2. Well for a while it feels like something is stuck in my throat. I have massage it and massage it and still nothing. If I move my head a certain way I can feel it, and it hurts. I have been having a hard time with reflux as well and I need to see the doctor for that. I am taking over the counter Prilosec and it's not helping. I need a script for my Nexium and make sure this time I go get it.


    My body has been really stiff for the past few days. Don't know if its weather related or not. We are having nice weather for the past few days. Talking about being in the 40's this week as well and some rain. Don't need that it will be a big mess outside with the snow we do have.


    I have been busy trying to figure out Medicare and part D. It is so confusing at times. any insights on this will be good to know too. Thanks


    Gonna get going , my wrists are sore.


  3. Well now I have to go back to the lawyers and let him know if I want him to continue with the old claim from 2003. I am not sure what I should do but I am thinking of not going ahead with it. I will receive disability for the past few years but not all the way to 2003. This is my second Judge and this has been going on since 2003. I am just happy that I got disability finally. What would you do if it was you? I am not going to change my mind with my decision, its better then nothing.


    I am so tired lately and I just don't feel like doing anything and of course the weather is cooler out now, I am freezing already, not too happy with that but what are you going to do, when you live where you get all four seasons. I do like this time of year though, the color in the trees and the smell of autumn. Not to mention drinking warm apple cider. Having some pumpkin pie or bread or rolls. Okay I need to stop I am getting hungry now. :rolleyes:


    Well all I am going to go you all have a great day! Take care.



  4. Hi all! I know I haven't posted in awhile, been feeling really tired and just don't feel good, coming down with a cold or something.


    Ok to get to the title disability. I received a letter from the judge in Boston, MA saying I was approved for disability but they are only going back to 2008 I think maybe 2007. Hey its better then nothing, and I am going to accept it, I have been trying since 2003 to get on disability and I have had a lawyer from day one. I really didn't want to say anything until I was for sure but I got a letter from my State Representative and it said I won. YAY!! I am very pleased and it will help out financially.


    Well I am going to go I have to pack yet and get some other stuff around before I leave this afternoon. Take care and have a great weekend. Okay for those who live in Michigan and Ohio stay warm cooler weather this weekend.


  5. Tonight when I was washing dishes my thumb and index finger started stinging, right now they are still doing it. My hands have been hurting for a few days now. I woke up not feeling too hot yesterday and I still don't feel good. My throat is sore and I am so exhausted even though I slept pretty good last night and took a nap today. I have had scleroderma for a long while. This is something I think would have happened when I was first having symptoms of scleroderma? What do you think? I see the Sclero doctor on August 12, a day before my disability hearing.

  6. I too have been itching on my head. I sometimes feel like something is crawling on my head but there isn't. I have been out in the sun and swimming so it could be from that. I have been using a conditioner after I get out of the pool to protect my hair. I just started doing this so I will post if it helps.

  7. My grandmother use to drink tea every day. She had her two cups of coffee in the morning and then rest of the day was drinking tea. She was always on top of things never heard say I can't think of what I want to say. Now me that is different story. I do drink green tea every so often. I am going to try and do what I can do make me feel better. I told my therapist that last week.

  8. Well I received my papers that I will be going for my hearing in front of a judge for disability. I hope this time it goes through. It has been going on since 2003 I have had a lawyer from day one. My finger tips on my right hand have started to harden up it feels very weird and I can't leave it alone. But I better I guess.


    I have been busy with the planning of an educational day plus we got hit by a tornado on June 5th. Our home did suffer some damage but we are lucky to have our home. Others nearby lost their homes plus their barns, It has been awful to see those who lost everything but the community has been there and has been great. We had a lot of tree damage so my roof does need to be placed. Today the adjuster is supposed to be here, it will be our second one. I can't believe tomorrow it will be a week that it had happen. It was very scary and we had no idea it was coming. Our electricity went out half an hour before we got hit. My stepson had called and said that we should take cover. I am glad he did. We had no sirens no nothing to let us know it was coming. Yes it does sound like a train. Well I have to go I have so much to do.


    Take care.



  9. My face is swollen. Last night I got up and I was massaging my cheek bone area and other areas of my face. I try to do this once in awhile, well anyhow, I fell back to sleep and I woke up to a swollen face on the left side. I am hoping it a pimple trying to come up. I really hate them but it's better than having something else.

  10. I had seen the chiro yesterday and asked if there was something I could wear to help me not to slouch anymore he said there is stuff but does not recommend it, I need to do something it is causing more pain on my left side in front. Luckey for me I can get adjusted for four times a month wish it was more but I just don't know. Plus its not helping my pain in my back at all. I am trying so hard to sit up straight and put my shoulders back. Then I catch myself slouching again. I know I can do this, Thank Karen for you suggestion sounds good to me. Sam

  11. Thanks Shelley and Jeannie, after I had posted I went on a search for something to read about slouching I found a great article. It basically said the same thing as what you said Shelley, but I remember my parents and grandparents telling me to sit up straight. I always thought I did apparently I didn't and should have listened years ago, I guess now I am paying for it.


    Yes that is a decision I have to make and I decided to really watch how I sit and stand and I so need to relax. I feel so uptight at times. My back is killing me and so is the neck area. So hopefully after a few days I will get some relief soon. Well again thanks. :)

  12. Hello all, I was wondering if any of you notice that you slouch? I do and I can remember the one doctor telling me to try and sit straight. I have and have but I always go back to slouching because it doesn't hurt but when I do that its making other areas hurt like my left side. So what do you have to do and what is out there to help with not slouching? I had seen the chiropractor yesterday and it had helped so much and this morning I am sore which doesn't surprise me any. Maybe I should of asked the chiro what I can do. Maybe I will next Monday when I see him.

  13. Yesterday I went to see the Cardiologist, they did an echo of my heart and kept taking my BP and I was high but I was rushing to get there. Anyhow everything is fine with all my test and he doesn't want to see me until next year YAY!! We figure the pain was from the infection. So I am very happy with that. My parents both had bypasses and my brother had heart attack last year. So It runs in the family on both sides. Plus they thought it was best to have a Cardio doctor for me since I have scleroderma. Well all take care the sun is out here in Ohio I am going to enjoy the day. :)

  14. I take Lyrica and have for three years now. I did have some bad side effects two summers ago, but finding that if I take anti depressent with it and I am ok and I don't have those side effects any more. I did change my eating habits at first and did gain a bit of weight but I have managed to keep my weight where it should be I guess. I do like that medicine but side effects are there, What I did was take a pill every night for the first two or three weeks until I got use to it then the fourth and fifth week I took one in the morning I'm glad I did this because when I was first taking it I can remember getting up in the morning and trying to walk like a drunk person. But that didn't last too long. If you have any side effects let your doctor know right away!! Good luck to you. Sam

  15. The pain will go away soon, I promise, I had my knee done back in 2003 it didn't take long to heal. Do you have them any where else? I have some on both forearms I really should thinnk of getting them removed they bother me. I don't know anything about the laser sorry I can't help you there.

  16. I have been doing pretty good really, I still have some discomfort in my chest. I am taking fluconazole (Diflucan)


    Well all take care I have to go see how my rabbits are doing I have them on the deck and not covered up and hoping a chicken hawk or any other big bird grabs them. Take care, hugs, Sam

  17. Well Sunday I was at my niece's home just sitting there and I just started having chest pains worst then all week long. So I just sat there trying to warm up I was so cold my hands were purple. Finally I got warmed up and I am still sitting there like I was in a daze or something, well, I decided to go to the ER and I went and spent the night Sunday night. I was home yesterday all my test to make sure that my heart is ok came back okay. Even though they decided I should start seeing a cardio doctor since I have scleroderma.


    Well, a bit ago my Gastro doctor office called and told me that my biopsy came back with saying I have a fungal infection in my esophagus, so now I am waiting to go pick up meds for that. Well, now I know why I have been having pains all week long and feeling out of sorts. The yeast infection can do that to you. Nice huh! Well its time for me to change my eating habits and find out what I should eat that would be best for me since My stuff is moving slowly down the esophagus and other gi problems.


    Take care,

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